Sew a Bag and Two Duct Tape Accessories

Introduction: Sew a Bag and Two Duct Tape Accessories

We will need
1 piece of felt
Some fabric
Sewing needle
Duct tape ;)

Step 1: A Phone Pocket Accessory

We're gonna make a little pocket to put your phone in :) you will need the felt + the needle and thread :)
First measure your phone bye putting it not he edge of the felt and folding over. Mark it a little bit away from where the edge is. Be sure to check that it's taller than your phone. Now cut where the mark was and all the was across ok now we just wrap this in the tape leaving one of the shorter edges open. You can do what you want with this part and what you want this to turn out like is how it will turn out. You can make it neat and match up or messy like mine! This could be great at slumber party's etc. NOTE: make sure it's hanging off the bottom at the end as shown in the second to last picture otherwise it will just slip through and if it hangs off to much just trim it. :)

Step 2: Duct Tape Wallet Accessory

If you know how to make a duct tape wallet skip this step ;) we're gonna make your wallet now :) all you need is your duct tape and paper :) take your piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise now cut it to the size you want your wallet to be :) now cover it with tape leaving the open long side open and not covered now your done... But how does it stay closed when folded? Just put a tiny piece there and use it as a clasp. Then replace it when it's no longer sticky. But time for add-
ons :) I'm gonna make two pockets on the front for credit cards gift cards etc. just cut out paper pieces the size of your pockets and do another layer of tape being careful not to cover the pocket opening sorry for my lack of pictures of making pockets I got excited xD Tada you have a glamorously customized wallet :)

Step 3: Sewing Time :) Purse

We're gonna make the purse to hold it in now :) get your needle thread ribbon ( preferably NOT that weird plastic kind) or instead of ribbon you may use long pieces of fabric or duct tape :)
And fabric. This will be more of a messenger purse ;)----———------------------------------------
To begin fold your fabric in half now, cut it to the size you would like your purse part (without handle) to be. We shall now whip stich around all of the edges EXEPT for the top where you would put items into . I apologize that I can't give you exact measurements because this is more of a "here's how you do it now go make it your own" type of tutorial :) maybe you can learn a thing or two :). Now for the strap :) I'm gonna make a duct tape one you may use what you like :) just make a strap long enough to go over your shoulder and attach it :) I am horrid at sewing but I decided to try. I know that yours will look better :) now your done :) enjoy my sewing / duct taping tutorial :) you can now put your accessories in this stylish bag :)

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    4 years ago

    I have made a mistake... For the first one you need felt and duct tape...sorry