Sew a Vintage Style Head Wrap Scarf



Introduction: Sew a Vintage Style Head Wrap Scarf

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Make this cute shaped vintage style head wrap for yourself or a as gift! If you have a fan of the Rosie the Riveter look this gift will surely delight!

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Step 1: ​What You Will Need...

1/4 yard cute fabric


Tape measure

Thread to match


Sewing machine, or plain old needle and thread...

Step 2: Measuring Your Head

Start by getting a measurement around your head. I like to give an extra 5-6" for the tail end of the knot so be sure to add that to the front of the measurement and the end. (Add 10-12" to the circumference of you head measurement.)

Step 3: Cutting the Fabric

Start by folding your fabric width wise, selvage to selvage. Then fold length wise so you have 4 layers of fabric. Now start measuring from the fold using 1/2 of the total measurement for the wrap, this is where you start cutting from. Cut at an angle and then curve the line to the edge of the fabric. (If you want a skinnier wrap you can cut it thinner at this point, but a wide wrap is really cute!) Now at the fold, measure down 1" and start cutting back to the raw edge while gently sloping up (Appox. 1-2"). Your finished cut piece should look like the picture!

Step 4: Sewing Er' Up!

Before you unfold your cut wrap to sew cut a quick notch about 1" in from the folded edge. Now stitch your wrap right side to right side along the edge from point to the notch you just cut and then repeat this on the other side. The 2" opening is where you will turn you wrap out...

Step 5: Turning Your Wrap Out...

Now that you have finished sewing its time to turn your wrap right side out. Reaching in through your 2" opening use your finger to poke the tip towords the hole and then pull the tip out to the right side, repeat this for the other side. Now to get sharp points use a pencil to poke out the point from the inside. Then take the whole thing to the ironing board and press this puppy flat!

Step 6: Finishing Up...

Now you will stitch the back box pleate... start by folding your wrap in half length wise. Find the center back of the wrap and using the opening that you turned through as a guide stitch right in the middle of your wrap. I like to stitch it twice so it stays sewn... Now unfold the wrap and press the folded part flat so that it forms a box pleat on the other side. This step gives your wrap a nice shape and makes it more comfortable to wear too.

Step 7: You Are DONE!

Now wrap it around your noggin and hey, don't you look super cute?!?

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