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This instructable is to make a “Welders Cap”. This is a dual purpose hat. You can wear it bill front as a cap or you turn it around and let the bill protect your neck from flying sparks while welding.

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

  • Outer Cloth - about ¼ yard
  • Lining Cloth - about ¼ yard
  • Batting - Scrap (or fusible interfacing)
  • Thread
  • Pattern - There is a good pattern online. I got mine from (EDIT - this previous link I had here stopped working so I have also added an image of the pattern to this instructable. :)).

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pattern

Really Simple - Cut out your pattern. I tend to leave the lines there when cutting out the pattern pieces :).

Step 3: Cut Out Your Fabric

Following the directions on the pattern pieces cut the appropriate number of each piece out of both fabrics. I DO NOT cut the interfacing at this step, but will do that later. This pattern didn't have a piece for the hat band, but remember to measure your head and cut that one too (as per the pattern directions).

Step 4: Transfer the Markings

Transfer the marking from the pattern to your pattern pieces. Use a water soluble pen or chalk pencil so the markings will wash away.

Step 5: Gather All Your Cloth Pieces

All your pieces should now be cut out and ready to assemble. It's Interfacing Time :).

Step 6: Interfacing

There are those who cut the interface to match the piece and then carefully set it on the cloth to apply it, I am not that exact. I lay my pieces on my ironing board good side down and then lay a over sized piece of interfacing over all the pieces. Once the interface is set you can simply pull it off your ironing board and trim the pieces back down to size.

(If you are using a thicker Batting then you will need to sew this to the bill piece(s). Keep your sticking within your 1/4" seem allowance)

Step 7: Sew the Tops Only of the Side Piece Together

Lay the two lining side pieces on top of each other, right sides together. Sew a straight line between the two dots that you transferred from the pattern pieces (follow what ever seam allowance your pattern states).

Do the same for your outer fabric.

Press the seams open.

Step 8: Connect Front and Back Pieces

Similar to the sides - lay the two sets of front and back pieces on top of each other and sew one side only of each set - stopping at the dots. Do this for all 4 sets.

Press the seams open.

Step 9: Complete the Dome

Lay a sewn together section of font/back sections on top of the connected sides you did earlier. Lay these right sides together and pin along the edge. Sew the seam from the end to the dot (back-stitch at the dot).

Connect the other open side to the opposite side. This will create a half-bowl shape.

Now connect the remaining front/back section to the open piece of the bowl.

You should now have a complete bowl shape. This is the crown of the hat.

Press all seems open.

Repeat all the steps with the outer fabric.

Step 10: Make the Bill

Lay the two pieces of the bill together, right sides together, pin.

Sew around the larger curved edge at seam allowance.

Clip curve around the larger curved edge. Be careful not to cut the stitches you just sewed.

Step 11: FInish the Bill

Turn the bill inside out to hide the sewn edge. Push the cloth into the seam to get a nice crisp edge. Press the edge and add a line of sewing to the edge to seal it down.

(Some people continue to sew smaller and smaller loops across the bill to give it a more 'finished look'. This might be preferred if you're using bating, instead of interfacing, as this will help hold the batting in place)

Step 12: Connect the Band Pieces

Take the small rectangle 'bands' and join them into a ring at the small ends. Fold the cloth in half length wise, right sides together and sew across the ends. Press the seams open.

Step 13: Attache Band to Bill

Line up the un-sewn edge of the bill to one edge of the band and pin in place. This can be a little tricky as your matching a curved edge to a straight edge, but just take your time and use lots of pins.

Flip the bill over and now match the other band piece to the other side of the bill. This can easily be done by removing one pin at a time from the first side and re-pinning it with all layers gathered.

Sew the bill to the band. Don't stop at just the bill, but sew the complete circle matching the two band pieces, right sides together.

Step 14: Finish the Band

On the outer fabric pull the band up and flatten it so it makes a smooth surface. Pin this seam open and stitch to stop it from bunching later.

Step 15: Attache the Dome

Pin the outer shell dome to the un-sewn edge of the band, right sided together.

Sew these together.

Press the seam towards the band (press it 'down' into the band).

Step 16: Attach Inner Dome

Turn hat inside out. Put your hand up into the reversed dome and lay the lining dome on top of the cap (and your hand) - wrong sides together. Pull this down and tuck inside of the band. Pin.

Once pinned turn hat back right side out and re-pin on the outside so you can see where you'll be stitching (this is the step that I goofed on and you'll see my uneven stitch line on the next step).

Remove any pins from the inside of the hat.

Sew along the upper seam of the band. This should catch the inner dome and band keeping it all together.

Step 17: Check Out Your New Hat

You're DONE! You should have a cute little Welder's Cap. Wear it with Pride and let it do it's job protecting your neck :).

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43 Discussions


5 years ago

Fantastic! I've been using my same old grungy burnt welder's cap for a few years and could really use a new one. Will be making my own from now on :) thanks!

1 reply

7 weeks ago on Step 16

A simpler way to construct the top:
sew each front and back to a side, then
stitch one long seam from center front to center back.
A little quicker!


Question 2 months ago on Step 17

Thank you for the instructions. I’m at the tail end of the project where I add the last inner dome. I think I did something wrong. The unfinished seam on the band will show if I follow the last instructions-tucking the inner dome inside the band. Can someone help? Or is that how it’s supposed to be?


Question 2 months ago on Introduction

How or where do I get the pattern for the welders cap?


2 months ago

Where is the band pattern piece? I printed the pattern but it seems to be missing the band. :-(


Question 3 months ago on Introduction

I'm looking for the pattern pieces. Can you help? The picture of the pieces really don't help.


Question 4 months ago on Step 6

How do you make different sizes or does the pattern show markings for different sizes?


These are photos of a couple I've made, now instead of lining them I use Pellon Shape flex 101 and fuse to each piece and what I do is take a side piece and 1 front, 1 back sew them to each side, do that with other and then make 1 seam from front to back press all seams open then top stitch with a decortive stitch, sew bill to band press then top stitch it then invert the bowl pin band on so right sides are together stitch seam allowance all the way around, then I finish with my serger. Turn band down and you can top stitch again.


Question 10 months ago on Step 9

Step 9 Question: This is my 2nd one and I keep doing something wrong. I sew from the end to the dot, but then once my bowl is completed, there's always a bit (stitch or two) on the top of the hat. Am I just not sewing far enough?


Question 10 months ago on Step 11

Step 11 Question. If I'm understanding right, you sew the 2 fabrics (inner and outer) right sides together, along the curved edge, then turn it so right sides face out, then shove the interfacing in the pocket?


Question 1 year ago on Step 2

How do i know where scale bar is for sizes? do you have s, m, l xl sizes?


1 year ago

Does this cap fit everyone? If not how do you take it up if it needs to be smaller?


Tip 1 year ago

my first selfmade welding cap


Question 1 year ago on Step 15

the dome part of my hat keeps coming out longer than the headband which makes it not line up right when i get to the step of sewing them together what could i be doing wrong?


1 year ago

SWEET!! Although I think construction could be simplified... Will post an alternate assembly method soon.

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Hello: Do you know if I can get this pattern without paying a membership fee, like a one time fee


1 year ago on Step 1

Is there a way to get the pattern without paying a membership monthly fee. Like a one time fee