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Introduction: Fabric Covered Pen Caddy

What are you doing to help save our planet? I know you realize that recycling is one of the GREATEST things we can do for our planet.

One of the many things that can be found in every home across the globe is toilet paper, paper towels, and baby wipe containers. What do you normally do with these items after the tissue/wipes are gone? After today you don't have to throw them away any more.

Today, I'm going to teach you how to recycle materials to make a fabric covered pen caddy. This caddy would be the perfect gift to friends, family, and teachers because it is an easy to make environmentally friendly product. Lets face it, we've all searched for a pen to write with at one time or another!

Step 1: Collect Materials

For this project you will need:

*A pair of scissors to cut fabric and ribbon
*11 size 6"x4.5" tissue rolls
*An empty wipes container, minus the top ( your measurements will vary based on the brand wip box you use.
*A Pen
*Measuring Tape and or a yard stick
*Fabric Pieces or scraps
*A Glue gun and glue sticks
*Ribbon and embellishments

Step 2: Measure Your Wipe Box

Measure the length and width of your wipe box. For this case the measurements are 24"x4"(round to the nearest inch).

Step 3: Measure Your Tissue Roll

Measure the length and width of your tissue roll. My measurements are 6"x4.5"(round to the nearest 1")

Step 4: Apply Measurements to Fabric

Apply all of your measurements onto your fabric using your pen.

*Again, the measurements are 24"X 4"(round to the nearest 1") for the wipe box.
*Again, the measurements are 6"x4.5"(round to the nearest 1") for the tissue rolls. You will need to make 11 sections to cover 11 tissue rolls.

Step 5: Cut Out Fabric and Ribbon

Now cut out all of your pieces. You should have 1 24"X4" piece of fabric to cover your wipe box, 11 6"X4.5" pieces of fabric to cover your tissue rolls, and 11 pieces of 6" ribbon for embellishing.

Step 6: Appy Glue

Use your hot glue gun to apply glue to your tissue rolls. Add the fabric and ribbon. Do this for all 11 tissue rolls.

*Tip 1: Be careful the glue is very hot and may burn fingers. If you are doing this with a child I recommend you do all of the gluing for them.

*Tip 2: The fabric might stretch a bit and this is okay.

*Tip 3: Apply the ribbon where the seam of the fabric meets.

Step 7: Add Glue and Fabric to Wipe Box

Add glue to the first corner of the wipe box in a zig-zag motion. Then add the fabric. Repeat for each of the remaining 3 corners. Make sure you come back to the first corner and overlap the fabric.

Step 8: Glue Fabric Onto the Bottom Corners of the Wipe Box

Flip your wipe box over and add a dot of glue to the first corner. Press down the fabric over the glue. Repeat this step for the remaining 3 corners.

Step 9: Apply Glue to the Bottom Sides

Take and apply glue to the one side of the bottom of the wipe box. Repeat this step for the remaing 3 sides.

*Tip: The fabric on the sides should overlap the corner fabric a little.

Step 10: Position Tissue Rolls Inside the Wipe Box

Place the 11 fabric covered tissue rolls inside the box. They should fit 4 on the bottom row, 3 in the midde row, and 4 on the top row.

*Try and put all of your seams toward the middle for a "finished" look.

Step 11: Add Embellishments and Pens

Add your embellishments to the pen caddy. I used one piece of 24" ribbon and some crochet flowers. Take and add all of the items that you want your caddy to hold.

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love how easy this is....would be extra amazing if it had a handle... also I really like how you varied the heights of the different rolls great instructable

    Miss World
    Miss World

    11 years ago on Introduction

    such a good idea to reuse stuff! love this instructable! :D


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I love this i am getting the stuff together to make one thanks for the idea and how to:):)