About: Hello everyone, my name is Ashley. I am a mother of 2, I love to try my hand at crafting. I love natural living and repurposing anything. I am new here and I hope you like my entries.

Hello, today I will be entering my cozy sewing closet. I love to sew and I once had a room dedicated all to my sewing and then we had children, enough said. So since then I have had a sewing corner in the bedroom ( got in the way) and a sewing "space" at the kitchen table ( I had food stuck to my sewing machine). What do I do now? well, we have a closet that was not getting much use, so I put it to use and its perfect.

All you need is:

Empty closet

Old desk or table that will fit

Folding chair

A light if your closet does not have one

and.. all of your sewing goodies...

Step 1: Time to Get Started

Step 1: Place your table/ desk in the closet. So simple you will be thinking why didn't I think of that sooner.

Step 2: Make It Your Own

Step 2: Add hanging organizer and shelves if you desire. These are not a must but will help with keeping your Sewet organized. I also added a couple nails to the back wall to hang my cutting mats.

Step 3: Ready to Sew

Step 3: Add all of your extra must haves to the space. I picked up an adorable little green trash can that I found at the dollar store and other dollar store containers for optimal organization. Add your sewing machine, sit down and sew your heart out.

Step 4: When You're Done

When you have sewn until you cant sew anymore in your new cozy little space cover your machine, fold up your chair and shut the door. Ta-da so easy. Thank you for looking at my entry, I hope you enjoy.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea! I like this small space organizing ideas. :D To use the front wall you could maybe add a pegboard to it and hang all the tools to that. In this instructable you can find an idea similar to yours, with pegboard included:


    3 years ago

    What a great idea!

    I didn't think much of the space in the first picture. However with your creativity and organizational skills, you have made a really nice sewing closet! What I really like about this idea....because you can close the door, you don't have to put everything away. LOVE IT!


    3 years ago

    Thank you, I would love to have a larger space but you have to work with what you have.