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Introduction: Sewing Daisies Kaffe Fusion Blanket

Kaffe Fusion Blanket - by Sewing Daisies

The 'make it up as you go along' blanket.


    * 48x Charm Squares (5"x5" cotton fabric)
    * Sewing Machine
    * Iron
    * Thread
    * Crochet yarn/ Thick thread for blanket stitch
    * Yarn
    * Hook (size appropriate for your chosen yarn)

For the crochet edge: I used Fibranatura Cottonwood (Green/41103) with a 3mm hook.

To see original blog post - Kaffe Fusion Blanket

Step 1: Charm Square Preparation

Step 1a.

a) Organise your squares into 24 sets (set = 1x front & back square) 

b) Arrange your sets into your final layout.

Step 1b.

a) Take a square set & place fabric RIGHT SIDES together

b) Using 0.5cm seam allowance, sew sides together leaving a small gap

c) Turn the squares RIGHT SIDES out (through small gap)

d) Sew the small gap closed.

e) Iron

* Repeat until you have 24 sewn squares.

N.B  RIGHT SIDES = patterned sides

Step 2: Charm Square Topstitch

Step 2.

a) Topstitch all edges with 0.5 seam allowances

b) Tidy up threads

Step 3: Blanket Stitch

Step 3.

a) Using the Top Stitch seam as a guide, Blanket Stitch along all sides at 1cm intervals.

b) Tie off

N.B This pattern was made up as I went along, so you may find that the 1cm interval will fall short in places, especially at the corners  - THAT'S OKAY!

Click here for Blanket Stitch Instructions

Step 4: Crochet Edge

Stitches used in the Kaffe Fusion Blanket:

 * Single Crochet (sc)

 * Double Crochet (dc)

 * Chain Stitch (ch)

 * Slip Slip (Sl st)

Row 1.

a) Single Crochet (sc) along your blanket stitch, incl. 1x (sc) into each corner

b) Slip Stitch (Sl st) to join the base line

c) Chain Stitch (ch) x3 to prepare for Row 2

Row 2.

a) Double Crochet (dc) into the next two (sc), (ch)x1,

(dc)x3  in to next three (sc).

*Repeat until you reach a corner;

b) (dc)x3 into the corner (sc), 

*Repeat a) until you have completed all sides.

c) Slip Stitch (Sl st) to join Row 2.

d) Chain Stitch (ch) x3 to prepare for Row 3.

Row 3.

a) *Repeat pattern for Row 2 making sure your (dc)x3 covers the gap created by the chain stitches (ch) in Row 2. (see pattern)

b) Slip Stitch (Sl st)ends togethers

c) Chain (ch) x1 to prepare for Row 4.

Row 4.

a) Single Crochet (sc) into every stitch in Row 3.

b) Slip Stitch (Sl st) & tie off.

Step 5: Joining Charm Squares

Working in rows, Whip Stitch two squares (RIGHT SIDES FACING) together until you have yourself a blanket.

Click here for Whip Stitch instructions

Step 6: Tadah!


One blanket ready to snuggle up with/gift away/show off to your mates.

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    Great thing about crochet you really only need to know 4 stitches (& they are super easy) and you can make just about anything!