Sewing Hacks and Tips





Introduction: Sewing Hacks and Tips

About: i love sewing and cosplay. this is what i do in my free time. i hope you like what i make:)

I made this instructable In order to make sewing easier.

I hope you enjoy it and let's get started!


Step 1: To Sharpen Scissors: Cut a Piece of Aluminum Foil.

Step 2: Organizing Embroidery Floss

All you need to do is this: take cardboard and cut it into rectangles, then cut out the shape of a trapezoid for the ears and cut two sections on opposite sides of the rectangle - top and bottom. Then you can draw a cute face and then you can arrange the floss.

Step 3: To Mark Hem Line: Connect Two Pencils With a Rubber Band.

Step 4: Try to Keep Your Storage Area Tidy. It Will Be Easier to Find Things.

Step 5: Use a Lot of Pins to Keep Things From Shifting.



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    These are a lot of good tips. :) Also important, never let anyone use your sewing scissors to cut paper or other things because they'll get dull. My husband isn't allowed to touch my dressmaker's shears. XD

    3 replies

    Me too! Thirty-odd years on, he's getting used to the idea now, though still doesn't agree that he could possibly spoil my precious scissors by cutting the odd bit of wallpaper or wire!! Lol.

    I tell him if he ruins them he buys me new ones. It helps, lol. :)

    A scissors sharpener guy told me that polar fleece type fabrics dull scissors very fast. I now keep a spare pair just for that, so one pair is always sharp. And I do use the aluminum foil trick ~ it really works well.

    My mother in law (an amazing quilter) taught me just about everything I know about sewing. The best tip: if you see fabric you love buy it even if you don't have a project in mind.