Sewn Wriststrap for a Misfit Shine

Introduction: Sewn Wriststrap for a Misfit Shine

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I recently got a misfit shine activity tracker, which I love, which comes with a plastic/silicone wrist strap for it which I love somewhat less.

There are other wearing options but I wanted to wear it on my wrist but couldn't afford a better strap so went about constructing a new one from fabric.

I'm so pleased with the result I wanted to share the tutorial for other sewing enthusiasts to use or adapt for their own activity trackers.

Step 1: Items Needed

You need:
1 piece of fabric measuring 16cm wide by 28cm long.
1 piece hook tape measuring 5cm long.
1 piece loop tape measuring 5cm long.
Thread to contrast or match.

Step 2: Pressing Folds

Fold the short edges in to the wrong side of the fabric 1cm and press.

Fold the fabric in half along the long edge, press and open.

Fold the raw long edges of the fabric in to the middle and press.

You should now have a piece of fabric 4cm wide and with all raw edges hidden. When opened out it should look a bit like a book.

Step 3: Add a Buttonhole

Open up the fabric strip part way so you can see the raw edges that have been folded to the middle.

Choose a side for your buttonhole. Mark the halfway point in the length of the strip and measure 2cm in from the folded edge on your chosen side. You should now have marks that look something like a cross.

Measure 1.5 cm in each direction from the centre length line and draw a line. You should now have markings on one half of your fabric strip which looks like --|-|-|--.

Sew a 3cm buttonhole between the 2 end lines. This should be parallel with the long edges of the strip, not across the width.

Step 4: Sewing the Edges

Cut a small square out of your fabric strip directly opposite the buttonhole. This should be roughly as big as the buttonhole and not quite extend to the fold in the fabric.

It should only be through one layer, so that you can see the lights of your activity tracker through the fabric.

Fold the fabric. Strip again so the raw edges are hidden. Press.

Pin and sew around all four edges using a 0.25cm seam.

Step 5: Adding the Hook and Loop

The Hook and Loop tape should be attached so it goes lengthwise on the strap.

Attach the loop tape to the side of the strap with the buttonhole. This is so it won't rub or scratch your skin if some comes in to contact with your wrist.

Attach the hook tape to the side of the strap without the buttonhole and at the opposite end to the loop tape.

Secure both in place with stitches.

Step 6: Creating a Pocket

To prevent the tracker migrating down the strap you need to create a small pocket.

Draw two lines across the end of the buttonhole. These should be roughly 3.5cm away from one another.

Stitch across the lines you just drew. Now you should have a small square box around the buttonhole, measuring 3.5cm x 3.5cm.

Step 7: Finishing!

You've now finished constructing the wrist strap. To get your tracker inside, simply slide it through the buttonhole in to the small pocket and place the strap on your wrist.

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    4 years ago

    I just LOST my shine off the original bracelet! So annoying! From now on, it's only flash for me. The battery life is double and the cost is half as much. And harder to lose. (Cursing under my breath)