Little Rock Star

About: I'm an awesome kid who likes star wars and legos!!! (oh yeah and taking electronics apart and messing with them!!!!!)Star Trek is epic! (Above, me as a Borg drone)

Here is how to make a little rock star out of your son!!!
P.P.S. Sorry if the pics are bad. I tried to hold the cam still.

Step 1: What You Need..........

Here is what you need for the little guy..........
1. Sexy rock star shirt and pants
2. A rock star wig
3. 3 way PVC connector And 2, 5in. pieces of PVC

Step 2: Now Let's Get Started..........

Now we get to the fun part........
Just throw on the shirt & pants & hold the fake mic in your hand AND don't forget the wig!!!

Step 3: YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Now your FINALLY done! Your son is ready to sing his heart out!!!



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