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I wanted to be something sexy this year, but I didn't want to be a typical Sexy Cat, Sexy Nurse, Sexy Schoolgirl, Sexy Cop, etc. So I found this kid's lobster costume and turned it into a Sexy Lobster costume. You can turn anything into a sexy costume with a little bit of lace and some elbow grease!

Step 1: Materials

For The Hat:
Miniature top hat
Hot glue gun
Needle & thread
2 metal hair clips
Black felt

For the rest of the costume:
Kid's Lobster costume
1 Yard of red lace (craft store)
Needle & thread
Red fishnet tights
Red ruffle butt undies

Step 2: Putting It All Together

For the hat:

My lobster costume came with a detachable head that was too small to wear, so I made a top hat out of the eyes and tentacles that were on the head.

How I did this was by cutting off each eye and tentacle, sewing their open ends up, then sewing those ends to circles of black felt, creating a base that would easier hot glue to the top hat (A stiffened felt top hat I found at the craft store).

I glued two layers of red lace to the front of the hat to make it more festive!

To attach the hat to my hair I hot glued two metal hair clips into two circles of felt on either side of the bottom of the hat. Then I glued more layers of felt OVER that to make it secure.

For the evening gloves:

I cut the sleeves off the costume (because they were way too short), and turned them into evening gloves. All I had to do was sew red lace to the tops! I'm not even that good at sewing; If I can do it you can too!

For the rest of the costume:
Slap on some red fishnet tights and a pair of red ruffle butt undies and you have yourself a Sexy Lobster costume!

Step 3: In Conclusion...

While this tutorial is very specific, I urge you to use it as inspiration for other nontraditional sexy costumes. The sky is the limit! Sexy vegetables, sexy inanimate objects, sexy things-that-are-not-supposed-to-be-sexy...

Thank you, and have a fun & safe Halloween!

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! Nice one.

    This has a good balance of sexy and funny/cute.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is so, so cute! I would love to do this for Halloween this year but the videos are not loading. Would you mind uploading them again? I'd really appreciate it.


    Opossum. Platypus. Octopus. Hedgehog. Rat. Whelk. (Bonus points to whoever can pull off the last one).

    Construction vehicles (I'd imagine a front-loader or bulldozer would generate some rather awkward guffaws when people finally caught on).

    For nerds, the Predator aliens, Optimus Prime (actually, I'd love to see someone try that), modern day William Shatner.

    I hesitate to say bacon...but that has to have been done by now...

    Komodo dragon.

    2 replies

    I believe that there are a couple optimus prime instructables on here somewhere. Not so sure about a sexy one though.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job!
    I was a sexy lobster for Halloween once, believe it or not... my husband went as a fisherman/lobster trapper.
    Great work!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I can't lie, when I read "Sexy Lobster," I thought you were flat-out insane. "There's no way she can pull off sexy lobster. It's just not possible."

    And then I saw the photos. I don't even know what to say. You not only look sexy, you look adorable! How did you come up with this? The creativity is just astonishing.

    That hat is truly inspired. The gloves are adorable, and the rufflebutt panties may be the cutest part of the whole thing. I can't decide if those or the hat are the best part. Regardless, you deserve to win several internets for this costume! Well done!

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    very neat idea...wish i was at that party i love lobsters