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Introduction: Sexy Sax Man Costume

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Who says sexy Halloween costumes are only for girls?

CALLING ALL MEN: this Halloween, embody all that is sexy in the world with this Sexy Sax Man costume.


Last Halloween my boyfriend dressed up as Sexy Sax Man from the popular internet meme.  I helped him pick out this costume during our first few weeks of dating. Needless to say we were on the same page of what is awesome and sexy!

The first video was taken last Halloween of Kyle as Sexy Sax Man.  The second video is the original Sexy Sax Man meme.

Step 1: Pants + Suspenders

To start you're going to need black vinyl pants.  You could use leather, but the shiny vinyl fabric really infuses the costume with sexiness.  

We bought these pants at a stripper store in San Francisco called New York Apparel.  The price was right and they fit real TIGHT!  If you're looking for a similar find you can also check out thrift stores in your area.

NEXT we added the suspenders............


..............suspenders over a bare chest!

Step 2: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

MULLET.  Wear it like a boss.

nuff said

Step 3: Aviators

Strike a pose in mirrored aviator sunglasses.  You can pick these up at your local drug store.  Make sure you're wearing the rest of your costume for this purchase (and give the cashier a wink).

Step 4: Moustachio

Instructables is an incredible resource for moustaches. SERIOUSLY. Moustaches are very important to us!

If you can't Grow and Maintain a Manly Moustache in time for Halloween (or at all) you can use spirit gum to attach a fake moustache bought from a Halloween props store. 

After a night of melodic fun, you can give a lucky lady a Moustache Ride or find some Unusual Uses for Moustaches!

Step 5: Saxophone



              ♬  â™©â™©â™ª ♪♩♬

                           â™© ♫   ♪ ♫ ♩ ♩♬

     â™¬  ♩♩ ♩♬


              ♬  ♩♩♪ ♪♩♬

                           ♩ ♫   ♪ ♫ ♩ ♩♬

     ♬  ♩♩ ♩♬

*If you don't have a saxaphone and don't want to spend thousands of dollars buying one or hundreds of dollars renting one - we have a solution for you. You can buy one with a 100% satisfaction return guarantee and returned it after halloween.

You didn't hear it from me?

Step 6: Copious Amounts of Sexyness

Run around town playing Careless Whispers by George Michael and delivering Sexy SaxoGrams to uninviting strangers!



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    11 Discussions

    Great costume! and a lot of fun!

    I'm currently praying to the spirits that they may some day bless the gentleman with some chest hair.

    1 reply

    Bwhahaha! Hory shirt, this was awesome.

    . . . and two thumbs up if you were inspired by Tom Goes to the Mayor. ;)

    Awesome instructables carleyy!

    When I "borrowed" the sax for this costume I only had a night to learn how to play the song. It was pretty rough but by the end of the weekend, I had that solo DOWN. If you have some music experience besides sax playing try to give yourself a week to learn the basics and memorize the fingers for the solo

    I used this video to teach myself, it was really helpful

    Remember... if you dress up as a sexy sax man, it's your duty to harass as many bystanders as possible with your beautiful tunes

    1 reply

    Just so everyone knows, knaps is the sexy man in these photos!

    Haha, truely epic and genious idea! Say, can you play that sax for 10 hours nonstop, you know, like the dude on the Epic Sax Guy video that someone posted on YouTube that lasts a whopping 10 hours long? Okay, not quite that long! :) But how well can you actually play that saxaphone?

    I love this so much. Especially the part where Kyle serenades us on a beach at sunset. :P