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Introduction: Sexy Smokey Eye Valentines Makeup Look

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So I created this very sexy smokey pop of colour look that is perfect for valentines day it really brings out your eyes. I do hope you love this as much as I do :)

Step 1:

So after applying your primer and foundation you want to go onto your eyes as you are using dark colours it will be easier to tidy up any fallout or mistakes.

So first with a beige colour you are going to want to apply this to the crease of your eye as a transition colour. Then mixing a dark plum and black I apply thin on the inner part of the lid and then on the outer corner and around the lid into the crease. I first do this with a small brush so that I have more control and easier to see where this all needs to go. I then take a fluffy brush and blend this out so there are no harsh lines and looks very smokey. Then with a flat brush I first apply this with some setting spray and apply a gold eye shadow to the center of the lid and make sure it is blended into the other eye shadows

Step 2:

Then I apply my concealer to my under eyes chin nose and forehead and blend this out using a beauty blender. I then apply a setting powder to my full face so my makeup lasts all day. Then with a bronzing powder I applied this to under my cheekbones, nose, jawline and forehead. This is just going to help shape the face. This taking a light soft pink and I gently apply this to the apples of my cheeks.

Step 3:

Then I take a light plum and the pink I used on my cheeks and blended this on the lower lash line. I feel this just adds something romantic to the look.I then take a golden highlighter and apply this just on the inner corner and then with the black black purpler shade I just apply this in the water line to make the look smokier.

Step 4:

Then You are going to want to apply your eyeliner any way you would normally wear it. I preferred a wing as feel this helps my eyes look wider and larger. To finish of the eyes I just applied my mascara and then my false lashes.

Now this step is optional but really does help perfect the look. So I take some concealer and draw a line alongside the bottom of the brow and then just blend this out with my finger. This just help make the line more precise and fix any eyeshadow or eyebrow product that may have been misplaced.

Step 5:

Then taking the highlight I used for the inner corner highlight I just applied this to the tip of my nose, the bridge of my nose and on the highest points of my cheeks.

Step 6:

Then to finish of the look I applied a plum colour to my lips and felt like it needed more so I to a purple shade lipstick and applied this just on the outer corners of the lip and created an ombre lip which I feel went really well.

Thank you so much for reading this and I do hope you have a great valentines day.

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    4 years ago

    great guidnenc



    4 years ago

    this is so cool i may do this not on valentines day


    4 years ago

    Snoop Dog approved