Sexy Vampire Makeup Tutorial

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Sexy Vampire Makeup!

Step 1: Step 1: Foundation

First, apply liquid foundation under the eyes, on the nose and forehead, and anywhere with a noticeable blemish. I am using Physicians Formula Light/Medium shade.

Step 2: Step 2: Powder

Next, apply powder on top of the liquid foundation. I am using glo-minerals golden medium. This is a very important step because if you don't put powder on top, your skin will look wet.

Step 3: Step 3: Blush

Now you will apply blush on you cheek bones and back towards your ear but not touching it. Rub your brush in the blush for 5 seconds and stroke 5 times lightly on each side. I am using Physicians Formula Natural Pearl.

Step 4: Step 4: Eyes

Next is eyeshadow. Pick three colors you desire from your pallet. I will be using silver, black, and maroon. Apply this first and lightest color on your lid. Next, add the medium color above the lid, just under the brow. And then, add the darkest color in the crease to define it and make it look deeper. You can also use this color on the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5: Step 5: Eyeliner

Now for eyeliner. I am using ProFusion black eye pencil. For this, you can make a wing, or a regular look. For a wing, you make you eyeliner on the lid and the make a slant up on the outside corner of the eye.

Step 6: Step 6: Mascara

Lastly, mascara. I am using Voluminous Butterfly Intenza. Just apply to the lashes.

Step 7: All Done!!

You're all done!!



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    1 year ago

    That looks pretty :) You could add in some fake blood drips and scary contacts to add to the effect!

    1 reply