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Introduction: Sexy Advent Calendar

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The time of Christmas is upon us. This means that the time of the advent calendar is here as well. Since the last time I made an instructable I have found my way into college. Living together with two other boys as roommates has its disadvantages (the mess, “who was supposed to clean the kitchen?” why is the garbage not taken out yet?) But it has its perks to. One of these thing, is that you can make an advent calendar full of beautiful girls and hang it on the fridge.

Just a note: This is a calendar for the year 2014.

Just another note: Since I started on sunday my calendar actually starts one day too early. Also square 26 and 27 shouldn't exist. So it is actually not according to the rules of an advent calendar. But then again, neither is putting this kind of pictures there.

A final note: (Don’t be alarmed, these girls aren't what you call ‘naked’. This is NOT porn. Though I should warn they may not be fully clothed either. The images may thus be inappropriate for, or found inappropriate by some people!)

Step 1: ​What You Will Need:

  • 2 cardboard panels (or a cereal box will do)
  • Cutting tool is needed, scissors are optional
  • needle
  • Glue
  • Paper (photo paper will give the best looking result)
  • And a printer
  • The two documents will let you accurately reproduce this project, but feel free to make it into anything you want.

Step 2: The Girls

If you want you can put in your own pictures. I found these girls on the site of FHM I added 2 more of my favorites at the end to finish the week.

Print out the documents: the girls and the front let it snow (2 times). I printed them the largest possible. This meant the pictures would have to be cut out and spaced out a bit to be able to make the windows for covering the pictures.

Cut out the girls along the lines. Lay the strips out on the cardboard, make sure they are evenly spaced. Then glue them to the cardboard. Making some markings on the cardboard while puzzling may help you gluing them properly on the first try.

(Don’t be alarmed, these girls aren't what you call ‘naked’. This is NOT porn. Though I should warn they may not be fully clothed either. The images may thus be inappropriate for, or found inappropriate by some people!)

Step 3: The Front Panel With the Windows

Time to make the windows. Since I couldn't come up with another way of determining the exact location where the windows should be. I immobilized the second cardboard sheet to the back of the first with some paperclips. On each corner of the pictures I poked a small hole with a needle. This allowed me to literally pinpoint the exact location of the windows. Make sure to mark the orientation of the both panels somewhere, so you can put them together the right way from the first time.

After poking all the holes. Glue the two “let it snow” sheets on the second cardboard sheet. Since the final product would be larger than a A4 paper-size some careful and precise cutting and lining up have to be done to make a beautiful front panel. So be careful to cut and line up the two images perfectly. Let the glue dry for an appropriate amount of time. (Depending on the time of glue you use).

Now cut the windows from the back of the second cardboard sheet. That is on the other side as the “let it snow” side. Pay close attention to the holes that mark the edges of the boxes you should cut. 2 times I accidentally went too far and two bottom-cuts joined. But a little tape took care of that problem.

You can make a half cut at the top of each window to make them bend back more easily.

Step 4: Joining the Two Panels

Glue the two panels together. Make sure the window line up with the pictures. I did this by lifting the windows a little bit to check if the edges of the windows corresponded with the edges of the pictures. There will always be a small bias, but try to do is as perfect as possible. Also I should note that there should not be any glue on the windows or the pictures, since that would glue them shut.

After letting the glue dry a bit. Cut of the excess paper of the edges and put some clear tape over the edges to give it a nice finish.

You can measure the middle and punch a hole to hang the calendar somewhere! We had it attached to the fridge with a few magnets.

You can also make a half cut at the top side of the windows on the front panel (the let it snow side). Do this if you want to rip the windows off to reveal the ladies behind them. I did this because the little window flaps wouldn't stay open very well.

Hang the calendar somewhere and admire your handiwork!

I excuse myself for any spelling mistake that might occurred, English is not my native language. But please correct me if I typed something wrong, we're all here to learn.


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