Sexy Mailbox

Introduction: Sexy Mailbox

What is a new house without a cool mailbox? If you are tired of the usual, then spray paint something cool. My method can be used to do other designs, although orange and hot pink tiger stripes are HOT. Some may find this easier to get a clean, complicated design than cutting a stencil from paper.

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Step 1: Get Supplies

painter's tape- wide tape is faster
spray paint- orange and hot pink (or whatever you like)
acrylic paint- black (or whatever again)
xacto knife
tracing paper- or freehand if you like

Step 2: Paint the Base Coat

Before you start, remove the flag from the mailbox.

Process-wise hot pink is the base coat. But, as the final product, hot pink will appear to be the stripes on top of the orange background.   The whole mailbox was sprayed with the door closed. This made it look really cool with the inside remaining white. Then wait for it to dry. The longer you wait the better- as we all know.

Step 3: Tape It All Up

Like the title says. Tape it up! You will be cutting into the tape, so use some judgement. I started from the back and worked my way up evenly. Then I taped the sides.

Step 4: Draw and Cut the Image

Draw your image onto the tape. Do this by using your tracing paper, freehand, or both like what I did. Then start cutting it out. When doing this kind of work with a confusing pattern I like to label the image:
              The places I want to keep on the mailbox
              What I want to peel away (negative space)

Specifically, I want to keep the stripes hot pink, so I colored in all the stripes. You can cut away the rest of the tape in any way you need in order to preserve the stripes.

Just a note, this causes minor scratches on the mailbox. Hardly noticeable. I kept the tape on the sides too, because I wanted them to be pink as well. 

Step 5: Paint the Orange Coat, Peel Away, and Wha-lah

Spray the orange onto the mailbox. You should be spraying over the taped stripes. Wait for it to dry. Peel away the rest of the tape. Yay! Now you can paint your address onto your mailbox. Keep in mind where the flag will be. I didn't. oops.

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice... though if i was standing suggestively like that, our mailman would likely scream and run in terror :)

    I would also suggest doing something about that horribly boring wood. I suggest yellow because i like it - but anything other than "natural wood" would do :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well...The pose next to the mailbox was not meant to be suggestive. But, the mailbox is sexy enough to steam up any photo. I can see that now. I am starting to see candy stripes on the post. uh-oh.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe "suggestively" was a stronger word than i meant.

    I get the image of those red/white striped barber-shop signs...
    (i hope this "seeing colours" is not contagious - though i hear some people will pay for the experience, so i guess i should thank you for the freebie ;-)