Sexy Red Soled Shoes (ala Louboutin)




Introduction: Sexy Red Soled Shoes (ala Louboutin)

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I am a film student and for one of my movies i really wanted a pair of Louboutins (they would say SOOOOO much about the character). But our tiny little budget does not allow for such expenses.
So I bought some normal (though quite fabulous) black heels and turned them into fake louboutins ;)

Now before the haters start hating, i know a connoisseur will be able to spot the fakes up close, but I think that on camera they will work quite well.
I couldn't take a picture while wearing the shoes 'cause they are FAR from my size, so I'll upload one later when the actress has them on. But depending on how well the paint holds as they are being worn, i may just make myself a pair :P

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Step 1: What You Need

I have a pair of fabulous black heels, electrical tape and spray paint.

Step 2: Taping

I didn't want to use nailpolish as I don't like the way it gets lumpy, so I opted for spray-paint.

Start by taping your shoe around the sole.
I used electrical tape (we call it gaffer tape) because I find it easiest to manipulate. and I had a bunch on hand (#1 tool for a film maker)
I am a perfectionist so I spent quite some time with the tape and a carpet knife getting the tape to exactly the right edge.

I also didn't want to paint the back of the heel (Original Louboutins are red there too).
So I taped off a neat line at the highest point of the sole and covered the entire heel in tape.

Step 3: Covering

Then I used paper (ripped from an old notepad) to cover the rest of the shoe.
Because the shoe is already meticulously taped around the sole you don't have to worry about getting the paper exactly right, as long as all of your shoe is covered by either tape or paper.
I took the pages quite large and tucked the edges into the shoe to make sure the paper would stay.

It looks quite cool as it is covered. I swear Lady Gaga or some other trend setter will soon start wearing paper-covered shoes ;)


YAY! the best part :D

I couldn't really take photos cause I did it outside and my camera isn't that great in dark areas.
I suggest 3 coats with a minimum of 10 minutes drying time between each (follow the instructions on your spray paint)

I did the first coat while holding the shoe ... not a good idea.
You will see in one of the photos how my hand looks after, and I can't seem to get it off with water and soap.
after that I started propping it up on an empty juice bottle.

Be liberal with your paint but remember to let it dry between coats.
After painting i let it dry for a further 20 minutes before peeling of the paper and tape.
The tape should come off easily, but be careful not to pull of any paint as you are removing it. (especially at the heel)

Step 5: DONE!

and voila, you are done!!!

Let the shoes dry at least over night before wearing them.
I don't know how well the paint is going to hold, especially on the bit where the shoe touches the floor.
So I will keep you updated during our film shoot.

I know the paint might make the bottom of the shoes quite slippery, if that happens I suggest misting it slightly with hairspray. (old modeling trick) but wait until the paint is COMPLETELY dry before attempting this, you don't want to leave chunks of your fabulous red coat behind as you walk.

Hope you enjoyed it and look as fabulous as you feel ;)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    UK stores sell a lot of red "tester" pots because of things like this...