Sexy Top for Larissa Riquelme




Introduction: Sexy Top for Larissa Riquelme

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My friend Larissa Riquelme had an interview with an Italian magazine and a Paraguayan football team shirt was all we had for the outfit, so i turned it into a sexy top fit for her style! Very easy and chic



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    Great shirt, but you forgot the pocket for her cellphone. Oops, I am wrong, it's there :-)
    (Now that was quite an image during the world championship)

    You are not so ugly yourself! and you have talent to boot! I am tired of girls in this country who cannot even make a buttonhole or cook or anything! I learned all that from my mom as a boy. i have thanked God for her wisdom through the years... through college it saved me a lot of money. sorry... i am venting about the typical girl in the US. What I meant to do was to complement your talent, as well as beauty. In truth it is the inner person that truly attracts and as we all get old, we don't look so gorgeous but the beauty within only grows. You are lucky to have both :-)


    You must not have gotten around to my part of the country! All of my friends and I cook, sew, craft, fix things around the house that break, and in one case, built her own house as the general contractor. I am offended that you lump all US women into the same 'typical' category. I would be bored to tears with any man (or woman) who was that helpless! How dull their lives must be!

    My friends and I are smart, beautiful, well educated, talented, have awesome well-paying jobs, and consider ourselves 'Renaissance Women' in the true sense of the term. Our husbands consider themselves lucky to have found us.

    I must say, though, the fact that your Mom brought you up so well is a strong point in your favor...

    haha, I learned all these things just looking at how my mom did it. Sowing, cooking, etc. and 'cooking' does not mean shove a tv dinner in the micro. It means peeling the potatoes and cleaning the veggies. Never did well in ironing though.

    Coming back to the video: Great Gianny is a wonderwoman with needle and thread and Larissa is not too shabby either :-)

    She is, Gianny, she is... XD     Once again, another great job! Keep it up!

    great top but turn that music down yikes it is so loud , and why dont you ever talk in your videos even the you tube ones that music is way way too loud and annoying

    Not to be a downer but you took a $70(US) jersey and made it into a $20(US) shirt. Wouldn't it be better to use a non-pro jersey for this?

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    very cool and crteative , am a single dad with a 6 year old girl and ladies in general love trendy clothes , and little ones are know differint , eccept they dont understand the cost all that well, will keep an i on you recon your imagination is guna save me $$ and keep my little girl looken cool and unique .keep up the good work ! and to all the people talking about what is sexy and what is not i think you misset the point of what this site is for , its guys like you that make even so called sexy women feel worthless and if you want to get crase and sexest and judgemental ,tell it to your mum maybe shel slap some sence in to you !

    lol.... jeeze guys, keep it in your pants.... Canada is loaded with hotties like this one, seems like it's unique in the US or something.

    Great ible BTW, I really like the look, however it seemed a little long for that woman's body length. I agree with a previous person that most things would look good on that woman's body since it's such an everyday body type, and most clothing is designed for woman such as herself.

    BTW: If you are the one with the back to the cam, while fitting the other woman.... you should have tried this on yourself, I suspect it would have been just as good if not better IMHO

    Congrats Gianny, looks awsome. Sure the jersey was expensive, but what gives... in these cases it is style over substance. Larissa Riquelme FTW!...

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