Shackle Tie

Introduction: Shackle Tie

A shackle tie is a useful and simple knot. Once the knot is set it will not tighten or loosen when pulled on. The size of the shackle tie depends on how much rope you want to use.However three feet of rope is normally enough to make this tie and have extra rope to use afterward.

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Step 1: Rope a and B

Connect the ends of your rope and fold the rope evenly in half. The left end is rope A and the right end is rope B.

Step 2: Larks Head

The bend from folding your rope in half is called a larks head. It should look like a rainbow.

Step 3: Lark Head Placement

Place the larks head evenly over your wrist or item you are trying to tie. You will know your larks head is even because rope A and B will match in length.

Step 4: Three Loops to the Right

Take rope B and make three loops around your item to the right. Make sure the loops do not over lap each other.

Step 5: Three Loops to the Left

Take rope A and make three loops around your item to the left. Again it is important the loops don't over lap each other.

Step 6: Under Cross Rope A

Take rope A and pull it underneath all of the loops going upward. Pull the rope all the way through.

Step 7: Under Cross Rope B

Take rope B and pull it underneath all of the loops going downward. Again pull the rope all the way through.

Step 8: Tightening

Pull both rope A and B away from your item.

Step 9: Finished Look

The finished tie should have three loops around your item with two separate rope ends. When you pull on the rope ends the loops should not tighten or loosen.

Step 10: Adjustments

You may notice a gap between your shackle tie and item. Their is a way to adjust your rope so the gap disappears. When you pull both rope A and B in one direction the knot will not tighten or loosen. However every rope needs to be able to be adjusted. When you pull rope A downward and rope B upward the tie will tighten.

Step 11: Finished

Your shackle tie should look like the image above. The two rope ends can now be tied to whatever you want to attach your shackle tied item.

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    4 years ago

    Excellent instructable! I have always enjoyed knot tying.