Shadow Box Display Case

Introduction: Shadow Box Display Case


This is the way I build a shadow box. I needed a way to display my DiResta chisel in my shop but wanted easy access to it. Walnut case, Ebony supports, Titebond III Glue and finished with my own blend of mineral oil and beeswax. I have an video that shows how to make that if you are interested.



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    you are awesome. muff said

    I love your work fella. Every video I see i pick up something new. What a great idea gluing the hinges into place (I have often had trouble with hinges in the past and this has never occurred to me.) Thanks again, your a hero.

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    Thanks man. I really appreciate it. I don't make instructables for all my projects but I aim for a video roughly every week on my YouTube channel.

    This is so sick, I am a huge DiResta fan and nice project too

    congrats on scoring the chisel from Jimmy. how you managed it is the instructable we'd like to see. lol. Nice work on the box, Jimmy made another awesome build, I'm glad it found an awesome place to be displayed. Nice work. For those who don't know, check out the Making It podcast with Diresta, Dave Picciuto and Bob Clagett. Good stuff!

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    I saw a video of you unboxing that. How exactly do you get a chisle from diresta.

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    I won't go into specifics because I'm sure jimmy doesn't want to be hounded by the internetz.... but I had something he wanted, and we traded.