Shadow Strider




Step 1: Make or Buy Circus Peg Stilts

If you buy them, then great, but we made ours. Watch Stilt Factory's video on

Step 2: Make the Back Legs of the Creature

Sew foam around the circus peg stilts, to make the basic shape of a leg (the green stuff in the photo is the foam. Ignore the mask). (If you need to, put foam on the bottom of the stilts to help it look more like a leg. I put foam around the bottom of the leg, and held it together with pins).Then, cover the foam in strips of black cloth. I spray glued mine on. Then, add creepy cloth/creepy gauze to the leg (over the black strips).

Step 3: Make Front Legs of the Creature

Same procedure as the back legs, but instead of sewing foam around circus peg stilts, you sew foam around regular aluminum stilts (at least that's what we did, but we just so happened to have a pair laying around).

Step 4: Make the Hump of the Creature

The hump is basically foam sewed onto a black jacket, covered in strips of black cloth, covered in creepy cloth. That is the hump.

Step 5: Making the Mask Work

To start, purchase a white plain human face mask. You can find them at Hobby Lobby and at Wal - Mart. Hot glue creepy cloth around the inside of the mask. This will cover your face. Make sure that you can still see. (In the picture, you can see my mask hanging on my right. There is a mouth, you just can't see it in the picture).

Step 6: Making the Pants

You need to take a pair of (preferably black) pants, and lay them out flat, and move/fold back the pant leg so that the seam makes a triangle. Cut out that triangle, and now your pant leg is cut open extra wide at the bottom. Do this for both pant legs. Next, cover the pants in strips of black cloth, making sure to leave the wide opening you just made open. Then add creepy cloth.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Now that you've made all of the parts, it's time to put them all together. First, put on your pants. Next, put on the hump. Next, sit somewhere high enough that you'll be able to get up with your stilts on. Next, get your stilts on (for the back legs). Next, pull your pant legs over your stilts, to cover your legs and the top of the stilts. Then, put your mask on, putting the bottom of the mask on top of your eyebrows, to make it look like you have an elongated neck. You'll have to look down this way, but it's worth it (in the pictures, I'm looking down). Make sure that your face is not visible. Finally, grab your front leg stilts, and get up.

Step 8: Looking the Part

To further pull of the creepy vibe, walk slowly, keep your legs (all 4 of them ;) apart, but most importantly, keep your head down. Otherwise, it looks like you're constantly looking up, since the mask is on the top of your head. Also, don't forget to have fun!!! (The picture is me at Gen Con. I had a blast!!!)



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3 years ago

This looks familiar. What's it from? It also looks fun and I want to try it!!

4 replies

Reply 3 years ago

It is from a Youtube video by GeneralTampon. They made the costume based on the landstriders from the movie The Dark Crystal. It is very fun!!!


Reply 3 years ago

To me, it looks like a demon from "As Above So Below"


Reply 3 years ago

I've never heard of that. What is it???


Reply 3 years ago

As Above So Below is a movie where this group of people try to find Nicholas Flamel's stone. There is a few problems: One, It is buried deep in the catacombs of France. It holds the bones over 3 million people. Two, after they find Flamel's stone, they stumble upon the darkest gate, the gateway to Hell, and are forced to enter Hell. Three, once they entered Hell, they found monsters and mistakes they made. they have to get out and the only way out is down.