Shadowbox Your Gameboy Advance Up to Gameboy Micro Using Magnets

Introduction: Shadowbox Your Gameboy Advance Up to Gameboy Micro Using Magnets

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If you haven't seen my last Instructable about how to mount the Gameboy DMG, Pocket, Color and Light on a shadowbox, please go check it out here: Let's Make a Gameboy Shadowbox

So, I got my old classic Gameboys installed on a shadowbox just the way I wanted, clean, removable, non-destructive and neat. That was possible for the simple fact that the classic consoles use such a big cartridge and that there is a lot of cartridges exposed, but what about the others Gameboy's (Advanced, SP, and Micro)? If you use the old game boy cartridges they will protrude and will look ugly, the Gameboy Advance cartridges don't have enough cartridge area sticking out of the console. The solution is to use the same process done with the other generations but add more magnets, so to guarantee proper contact to the shadowbox.

Step 1: Modifying the Cartridge

The idea is straightforward:

  • open the cartridge;
  • make space for the magnets;
  • glue the magnets;
  • close the cartridge.

As you can see on the pictures the cartridge has the perfect space to accommodate two 20 x 3 mm Super Strong Rare Earth Disc, the same I used for the original Gameboy cartridge mod,

Step 2: Setting Up the Magnets

Since we are hanging the consoles on a shadowbox it is wise to remove the batteries from the SP and from the Micro, the Gameboy Advance still use regular batteries, and by removing the battery it gave me another point that I could install a third magnet.

you might be able to see on the pictures that I also added some clear tape to each console in order to avoid any scratch.

Step 3: Positioning the Consoles on the Shadowbox

Right after placing the magnets on each console I used some paint marker pen to paint each magnet and used that to transfer to the shadowbox each magnet position, once that's done it is just a matter of drilling and installing magnets to the board. You can see in the pictures that I used some black tape to set the position and the paint I used to transfer the magnets positions.

Step 4: Final Results

I liked the final results and I hope you find this Instructables useful. Please like, save as favorite, share with friends, etc. :)
If you have questions please let me know.

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