Shady Shades - DIY Sunglass Curtain!




Introduction: Shady Shades - DIY Sunglass Curtain!

Do you have old sunglasses just lying around?! Why not make a unique, decorative curtain out of the lenses!

I love sunglasses and wanted to find a way that I could use all of the old or broken pairs of sunglasses. So I gathered a bunch of pairs from friends and family (16 pairs to be exact) and created my own sunglass curtain to decorate my bedroom window!

It is really simple to make - the hardest part is collecting so many pairs! It was worth the time and effort though because it looks awesome! 

So check out my first instructables and make your very own Shady Shades!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

1) Sunglasses! 
2) Fishing line
3) 1 Pair of scissors
4) 1 Dremel or Power Drill

Optional Materials :
- Wooden board
- Clamp 
- glue gun

Step 2: Preparing the Lenses

Pop the lenses off of every sunglass pair

Keep the frames for later!

Step 3: Cleaning the Lenses

Clean your lenses!

You don't have to...but given that a lot of these pairs are old they might be a little dirty. So I recommend just quickly cleaned them off. 

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

Drilling the holes! This is the most fun part. 

Make sure you have something underneath the lens when you are drilling. I used a piece of wood that was clamped onto the table for stability. Hold the part of the lens where you want to drill flatly on the wooden board and slowly pressure the drill until the hole is complete.  

Drill 2 holes on the opposite side of the lens, except for the bottom lens of each line.

I am a visual person, so I actually laid out all of the lenses in the order I wanted them before starting to attach them.
I also had 5 or so lenses that had pink coloring to them, so I purposely tried to place them strategically on my curtain.

Step 5: Attaching the Lenses

Grab some fishing line and tie each of the lenses to each other in which ever order you would like. 

Step 6: Attaching the Frames

Attaching Lenses to the frames (I told you to hold on to them!)

Grab some of your favorite frames and attach them to each other. Break off the legs of those frames that will be in between other frames. Keep the outside leg of the two outside frames.

Then attach the lenses to the frames. 

Step 7: Finito!

You're done!!!!

Congrats and enjoy your super awesome Shady Shades!

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    6 years ago

    would be neat to make a chandelier like this as well!

    This is a great project! Definitely going to make my own out of all the old party glasses I come across!