Shake Prank

Use this to scare some friends

Step 1: Shake Prank

Step 2: Matterials

1 Rumble Motor (can be found in gaming controllers)
2 Wires, long  (only one shown in picture
1 9Volt Battery
any compressible foam
one container (i ended up using a tin can with its top cut off)

Step 3: Tools

School Glue
A Glue Gun (Which i used instead of a Soldering iron)
A Disposable Brush

Step 4: Materials for Pressure Plate

2 Cardboard Squares (of your choice of side)
Tinfoil (the same size as cardboard)

Step 5: Wireing

Attach one of the the motor's wires to one of the long wires and the other motor's wire to one of the battery's terminals positive/negative It does not matter. Then attach the other long wire the opposite terminal.

Step 6: Pressure Plate Step 1

Use the brush to brush the school glue onto the cardboard squares then carefully lay the tinfoil onto the glued cardboard. try to avoid wrinkles. 

Step 7: Pressure Plate Wireing

Hot glue the two ends of the long wires to one end of the squares on the tin foiled side. Make sure that the wire is touching the tin foil this is very important!

Step 8: Foam

hot glue small pieces of foam (about a quarter inch thick) to corners and center like so. this is to add crushable space between the plates 

Step 9:

Hot Glue the foamed plate to the other plate

Step 10:

Glue battery to the side of container so that it is not in the way of the motor

Step 11:

Finished product! now go scare so friends and co-workers!



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    don't you think that is a little mean?

    Can you add some more description about what this is? I'm confused, although it looks like a good prank judging from the reaction of the person in the video!

    1 reply

    it makes a loud rattling noise. depending on what material you use it can make anything from a metal clanging noise(using a metal can) to a growling noise(using a plastic tub). it can also rattle and shake the chair if you use a strong enough motor.