Shaken (aka Ninja Star) Pendant.

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Intro: Shaken (aka Ninja Star) Pendant.

For the wannabe ninja in all of us!

1/16" steel sheet.
Dremel with cutting and grinding attachments.
Wire coat hanger.
Vise Grips.
Drill Press.
Wire Cutters.
Paper, ruler, pencil, sciscors.

Now make someone happy this Christmas.



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    i see you used galvanized sheet metal....bad for your health if the metal gets too hot while you are grinding/cutting. the zinc burns off, and is highly toxic!!! if you breathe in any zinc smoke make sure to drink plenty of milk afterwards, as this removes the toxins from your blood. besides that little safety tip, good piece of work :)

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    Yes... I've been told. I wouldn't call it highly toxic; zinc fumes cause 'metal fume fever' which is rather like a case of the flu.

    you can still die if you inhale enough! :D it builds up in your bloodstream, slowly overwhelming your carbon monoxide, but slowly, and more painfully ;)

    it builds up in your blood over time and CAN KILL YOU! im lust sharing my safety knowledge with you, so don't take suggestions lightly. especially from someone who has experience in the metalworking field.