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Introduction: Shaking Cage

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I got the idea from a plastic cage with a skeleton that you could buy at Home Depot. I thought it looked a little too plastic for my taste
Items needed 
  1. Plywood 18" x 18" x 3/4" ( stay with a thicker board but the overall size is up to you. I would have gone smaller)
  2. Chain 13' 
  3. Electric Drill with cord. (got mine from a thrift store for $4.99
  4. Remote controlled power switch (I had one from last christmas decorations)
  5. Lag bolts and washer (to mount the chains on)
  6. eye bolt 3" long
  7. various nuts and bolts
Tools need 
  1. Circular saw
  2. Drill and various sized drill bits
  3. Bolt Cutters 

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Step 1:

Cut the plywood to size 18" x 18" ( I really wish I would have gone 13" instead) 
Cut the chain to 18" using bolt cutters 

Step 2:

I bolted the chain to the top and bottom using lag bolts and washers. I sure it is over kill but it was what I had laying around the garage.
cut strips of 3/4" plywood for the top to hide the drill.

Step 3:

picked the spot where the drill is to be mounted and location of the hole for the rod to attach. 
Mounted the drill with a large hose clamp and a scrap piece of wood 

Step 4:

Made the shaking part with a large bolt and nut which go into the drill chuck and tighten down using pliers since I don't own a 
chuck key.....does anyone have one?
the square plate was something I just found. then there is a eye bolt with lock nuts. 
thru the eye bolt is the rods I took from old trophies. You can use all thread.

Step 5:

made a large hole in the top and drilled a hole the diameter of my rod in the bottom and installed the rod

Step 6:

Mounted the drill and put the rod thru the eye bolt. zip tied the trigger and had to use a voltage regulator (Dimmer Switch ) from wally world. 

had to use the dimmer switch because it was way too fast.

Step 7:

turn your drill on and watch how it shakes so you can mount the doll in the best (most movement) location

I will use drywall screws for her feet  and zip tie her hands to the chains . 

her body will be facing forward and her head is backwards  because that face is just not scary enough.

Step 8:

Steps that have no pictures 

it is being suspended by rope that I nailed in the corners and brought the four ends together and made a knot

Covered the top in white cheese cloth and then covered that in black cheese cloth  also called creepy cloth 

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    Dr Demento
    Dr Demento

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I saw this at a hardware store and thought if it was shaking that would be cool