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Introduction: Shakuhachi Flute

About: Im from sweden. I like Japanese culture and fashion. I play the Flute. My favorite song to play is Haru No Umi by Michio Miyagi. I have a motorcycle Triumph werke Nürnberg Bdg 125. I Train Kobudo. I like t...

Hello this is how I made a shakuhachi two years ago.

Things you'll need

small wodden box to hold the shakuhachi in place while working on it,  (easy to manufacture yourself)

many many different kinds of files, very long hand drill bit, long file.

strong thread for binding (prevents cracks)

urushi laquer (toxic, but you can use normal boat laquer instead)

a piece of bone or similar, for the utaguchi (mouth piece)

Madake bamboo (I puchased mine , with a certificate of authentication from japan) approx. 200dollar 

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Step 1: Step One Beginning

cut the madake bamboo to proper length, since it was long ago I made mine. I have forgotten the mesurements.
start pruning the root, and filing it down.

Then drill with hand drill through all of the membranes inside, this will take long time, and after that file with file  so the inside is
completly smooth

Step 2: Filing and Cutting

Cut the utaguchi correctly , make a small piece of bone to match the utaguchi then carve out so you can glue the pice of bone onto the utaguchi. then drill the holes, this is a shakuhachi which is only tuned to itself and used for meditaion purposes only, to make one that is prroperly tuned you would have to preccision drill the whole bore which is very difficult,

Once again im sorry for not remembering the mesurements , you can search shakuhachi holes mesurement on google and if you find monty's shakuhachi site there will be some there

Step 3: Step 3 Binding

When it is "done" its time to bind it to prevent future cracks
I used traditional strong thread (cant remember its name) and I bound it on several places as seen on the picture, 
take it very slowly here cus you don't want to mess up.

After the binding laquer it generously with urushi laquer especially the root part,, and the bore, and very lightly on the utaguchi, then laquer the bindings as well

Step 4: Finished Product

Once your done you can sew a case and utaguchi protection cap like I did and it will be save for many years, 

Happy playing :D

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    4 years ago

    much appreciation for the post, but either Im missing it, or incredibly ESSENTIAL instructions are entirely omitted, while others (addition of bone to embechure) is grazing over one of the most coveted and difficult achievements for any beginner or master craftsment. Wheres the math!?!

    beautiful bamboo, however, but $200 USD .. for cured un worked bamboo seems like ... impossible. esp when we can grow it here in MA so easily!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    hmm I can't record it with anything but if you search shakuhachi on youtube you will get a general idea. you can search "Haru no umi shakuhachi" :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Most digital cameras can take video, which you can upload to YouTube or Vimeo.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    yea maybe I will do that later, however that doesn't record the sound goodly enough :P but yes :D