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Introduction: Shanty Shack

Staying out of town a couple of nights a week.  Using restroom and shower facilities at work.  Using 2000 watt Honda EU invertor clean current and 7000 BTU portable AC vented via a 6 to inch duct reducer and dryer vent.  Small room heater 1500 watt. 13 inch tv and dvd player.  Tv swivels to view from outside.  Can be pulled with Ford Escape.  Notice the "Real" RV in background.  8 feet wide at eaves to stay legal on highway.  TV antenna from Tiger Direct $30.  Picks up about ten channels very well (Digital).  Insulation (R13) every side, top bottom sides etc.



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    I dunno; it's pretty well equipped: might make your mother-in-law want to hang around longer...

    Perhaps he was thinking that he could tow her somewhere in the wilderness while she sleeps and leave her there :-)

    This is awesome man. I hope to make something like this in a few years. How much did the whole project cost?

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    about $1500. in materials, I already had the trailer and the $1500 doesn't count a Honda 2000 clean wave current generator.

    Outstanding! I love micro architecture & RV projects.
    And very well equipped - are those bars on the window, to prevent someone from breaking in, and theft?
    Was that a boat trailer to start with?

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    I was looking for something more sturdy and using carraige bolts on the outside. I had part of an old dog kennel that I cut down to size to fit the window.. Most items were made from scratch except the vinyl window it came from Home Depot for apx $30. and was very easy to install and it looks nice and works well. It was a boat trailer that I already had so it helped to keep the cost down. Plus it already was licensed. Thanks for asking.

    First post. Found this site while searching for a way to use a 30 inch metal brake from Harbor Freight