Shape Your Brows Like a Pro



Introduction: Shape Your Brows Like a Pro

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Everybody's seen a face where the eyebrows are the focal point. They become the protagonist when there's something wrong with them: too thin, too thick, too messy, too much makeup on them..

Today I'll show you how to shape them at home like a pro.

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Step 1: What You'll Need


Brow powder (or just a regular brown eyeshadow)

Angled brush

A thin stick for your measures

Step 2: First Measurement

Use your stick and place it in one side of your nose and up to the center of your iris.

This will tell us where should the highest point of the brow be.

Step 3: Second Measurement

With the stick in the same place at the side of your nose move it out to where the eye ends.

This will tell us where the eyebrow should end. A very short eyebrow will make the face have an angry gesture and if they are too long they will make the face look anguished.

Step 4: Tweezers

Now that you have an idea of what your eyebrows should look like use your tweezers to take off the extra hairs. Start little by little and try to keep in mind the measurements you just took. If necessary use an eyeliner to put a dot in the key points.

If it's your first time or you haven't done this in a while be careful to not leave it too thin.

*If your eyebrows are too long or too curled you can also cut them a little bit by using a makeup brush and manicure scissors.

Step 5: Fill in the Blanks

The best shape is the one that in the first part of the eyebrow is thicker and more straight and in the second part (between the two measurements we took) is thinner and more rounded.

Use your brow powder or brown eyeshadow and the angled brush to fill in the blanks and make a more defined shape. Don't put too much as it tends to look very unnatural. I like it better when it still looks natural but a little more defined.

If your skin is very sensitive and it irritates every time you shape your brows, use some coconut oil after shaping them. You're welcome.

Step 6: Before & After

There you have it, instead of paying to get your eyebrows fixed you can make them look great at home.

Remember that in order to keep them looking good you'll have to do this frequently.

Follow me for more makeup tutorials and DIYs.

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