Please Ikea, I Need EVERYTHING!!

Hello! I'm Anthony and this is my entry into the Share Your Space Challenge. Well, as you can see, my space is pretty much nothing but space! I just moved into this 2 bedroom duplex a couple of days ago and except for a desk, bed and bookcase, I have no furniture...1000 bucks from Ikea would definitely go a long way to get this place furnished!! First of all, as you can see from the pictures, there's no separation between the living room and the butt-ugly kitchen. I'd love to have something to separate these two areas. I plan on getting a 5x5 Expedit bookcase to divide the space and give me an area to put those books, CD's, and DVD's so I can junk that crappy bookcase. There's not a lot of room for both a sofa and a loveseat in the living room, so I'd like to put a small modular and a nice armchair in there to give myself and guests somewhere to sit, and an area rug would be great for covering up those ugly floor tiles. That cheap little entertainment center you see won't even support my 42-inch LCD TV, so it needs to go!! A Tobo TV panel with media storage would look great in that area.

If you look at the pictures of the master bedroom you'll notice that there are no closet doors!! I think some panel curtains would cover up that area nicely! A while back I had a Malm bed that I had to sell on Craigslist to get through some tough times, and I'd love to get another one! The second bedroom/office is exactly like the master bedroom, no closet doors!! Need more panel curtains!! I'd also like to put a futon in there in case I have any overnight guests, and some artwork on the walls to liven up the room.

Well that's about it! Thanks to everybody who votes for me!!



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    3 years ago

    This is the intro and description of the challenge... Read the part between the asterisks : "Show off your workspace in the Share Your Space Challenge! *Whether you're sewing or soldering, cooking or carving, welding or weaving, * we want to see where the creative magic happens."

    So, what sewing, welding, knitting, building or etc is or wishes to be done in this space? There's other instructibles too in the challenge of people completing for a redesign/remodel of their normal living space. They don't fit the challenge description!