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As you can see I have A MESS for a room. I am in MAJOR need of improvement. My desk is so cluttered with beauty and craft items that I have to use a "TV tray" to hold my computer. I have stacks of magazines under my desk because I have no where to put them. My TV is on the floor because I don't have a stand for it. My cds are on the floor and taking up space on the shelves of my desk. My dresser is also cluttered with beauty products, jewelry and other random items. Lastly, I'm 23 years old so I think I'm ready for an actual "big girl" bed rather than a twin size (not to mention the pink curtains that I've grown to REALLY dislike).

So, what I would like to do is get a vanity or the Micke desk that's $69 in the Ikea catalog with the Galant desktop shelf (with a chair like the Snille swivel chair) since I don't have one at all right now) for my beauty/hair products so that would clear up space on my desk and dresser. I could then put my TV and cds on my dresser and use my "TV tray" as a work area for crafts and journaling/writing. I could also move my magazines from the floor to the shelves on my desk. I want an actual queen or full size bed frame (with drawers for extra storage) instead of the mattress and box spring directly on the floor which is what I have right now). I also want a bedside table, new curtains and a desk chair.

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