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Ok, I had my doubts about publishing this Instructable, but after a week or so of constant peer pressure, I went on with it. These guys desperately wanted to have their pics posted on the Internet.

I KNOW to the untrained eye it may look identical to my last one. "It's only fish tacos", you may think, "what can this guy possibly innovate? It's the same park, the same people, the same freakin POT!" Well, you sort of have a point.... but don't...

Here's the thing: If there's anything cooler than being a carnivore, it's probably eating another's a man thing. So after some last minute planning following yet another night on call at the ER, the idea just took shape.

This is a traditional northern mexican (Sonoran, actually) recipe, with a twist. It originally involved a mixture of sea turtle and manta ray, both once readily available off the shores of the Sea of Cortez; but with sea turtles now being an endangered species, and my Southern friends not thinking Manta Rays are actually edible, sharks became the next logical target. After all, Mantas and Sharks are cousins or something.... (

Another friendly note to Anal-Retentives:

Yeah, smoke is hazardous for your health. So is fat. So is alcohol. So is bacon. And there's lots of those involved here.... again. Please, just look someplace else if you don't like what it sounds like so far.

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Step 1: On to the Cooking, Then!

I fail you once again regarding pictures of fresh produce.... but then again, who would want them, anyways? I mean, we all know what a tomato looks like, don't we? So if you're cooking this at a park, just do what we do and prep everything at home and take it in freezer bags. They can hold the leftovers (if there's any) on your way back home....

Here's the list of ingredients, feeds 16 people and leaves them hungry for more

6 lbs of shark or manta ray fillets, cut up in 1cm cubes
6 large poblano peppers, roasted, seeded, de-veined and chopped (in retrospect, I should have bought more)
2 large onions, sliced in half-moons
1 head of garlic, crushed
6 carrots, diced (I grated them coz I'm lazy)
6 ribs of celery, chopped
3 lbs of roma tomatoes, seeded and cubed
2 lbs of tomato sauce (yeah, in mexico it's measured by weight, not volume)
1/2 lb of bacon
2 qts of tomato-clam cocktail
1 bunch of cilantro, finely chopped
3 cups of vegetable oil
A large can of peas

And the garnishes:

Soy-pickled jalape�os (the not-so-traditional, but great):
1 cup of light soy sauce
1/3 of a cup of rice vinegar
6 large jalape�os, sliced, seeds and all
a pinch of sugar

Pickled onions:
1 large onion sliced in half moons
1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar
1 large habanero pepper, finely chopped, with seeds
Dried oregano

3 large tomatoes, cubed
1/2 large onion, finely chopped
3 large jalape�os, finely chopped (leave the seeds in there, you wuss)
some chopped cilantro
juice of half a lime

Lots of corn tortillas
Lots and lots of limes
At least 3 different kinds of hot sauce
A Keg of beer

Step 2: Light Up Your Coals

This was actually the hardest part, but I won't elaborate coz it's actually really, really embarrassing.
As is tradition, you must go through your first 3 beers while doing so. I went thought 12, that's how bad it was

Step 3: Let's Start With the Bacon

Heat the oil until smoking and add the bacon. Yeah, it's a lot of fat.... mmmm.... admit it, you'd eat cardboard it it was wrapped in bacon.... I would....

Step 4: Now Finish the Matignon

Wikipedia to the rescue!

Add the carrots, onions and celery to the pot and stir frecuently. Do not drool as you smell, you'll look stupid. After the vegetables start releasing liquid, add the garlic.

Have another beer while doing so

Step 5: Let's Make This Thing Mexican Now!

Add the poblanos and the tomatoes to the pot, and have another beer.

Step 6: Have a Minion Fan the Flames

Yeah, it took a little bit longer than I expected, but it was worth the wait

Step 7: Now Add the Shark...

And feel awesome about it... I mean, you're eating SHARK! Celebrate your awesomeness with another beer

Step 8: Stir and Add the Liquids

Feel free to alter the proportions on this. If it's liquid enough you could serve it as a chowder instead of tacos. It's a very effective cure for hangovers

But to be hungover, you must first get drunk... so have another beer.... you know you want it....

Step 9: Simmer for About 20 Minutes, Then Add the Peas and Cilantro

Always remember to add cilantro at the very end, or it will discolor and the flavor will be lost. Season to taste with salt and pepper

Step 10: Eat, Drink and Be Happy

Just make sure you overlap 2 tortillas for each taco, or the juices will just seep through. Squeeze some lime juice on them and try different combinations of garnishes

And have some more beer, you can't eat shark and not drink

Step 11: Almost Forgot!

To make the pickles, just bring each set of ingredients to a boil and simmer for 2 minutes, then cool and store. No big deal here

Thanks for reading. I promise my next instructable won't involve fish, tacos or the same pot, honest. It will, however, be soaked in beer or something alcoholic. Stay tuned!!!

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    38 Discussions

    General Zod

    8 years ago on Introduction

    The world definitely needs more doctors like you in it. Excellent instructables, sir!

    Have you ever tried Wahoo in your taco dishes....?....they hold up to the heat a little better, retaining their texture more like a chicken breast.

    Keep cooking and keep drinking and keep posting those recipes!

    3 replies
    sameotokoGeneral Zod

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, I really appreciate your input. I've only tried Wahoo in Nicaragua once, it's impossible to find where I live. From what I've heard, it was over-fished along with tuna in the area near Baja California. It really is delicious

    General Zodsameotoko

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I fish in the Gulf of Mexico out of Pensacola, FL. You have to go to some pretty deep water (600+ feet) to get them but they're worth the trip.

    Please keep me apprised of any new recipes you post.....I'm gonna' try some tacos this weekend (I will need a day to recover from the spices and beverages) when I get all the supplies.

    Thanks again.

    sameotokoGeneral Zod

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It's been a while since I've posted new recipes, but I'll try my best. It's always nice to meet new fish enthusiasts. Please subscribe and you'll get the ipdates automatically. I'm currently working on a sushi instructable


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Pandowii! mucha suertee a ver cuando me haces unos taqitoss no?? se ve y se lee riicoo =P


    10 years ago on Introduction

    muy buena receta! a ver si los preparas en tus proxima visita eh!!.. saludos =)


    10 years ago on Step 1

    genial haber cuando se me hace probar esos tacos, se ven super bien y lo mejor es la mano de chef que los cocina, ojalà ganes george!!! exito!!!!! :D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Q onda, pinche negro!!! Total, que tu egocentrismo y arrogancia te han llevado a tal extremo de ganar un concurso en linea! Ja, no es cierto, este tipo, es uno de mis carnales, un punto mas alto que de mis mejores amigos. Excelente cocineno, y confiaria en el sazon de este wey sobre cualquier otro, aunque sea frances! Excelente receta mi hermano! y espero y ganes!!! mas te vale q nos prepares algo..... ja!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    bro... you should upload the recipe for your cheese filled chipotle meatballs.... a beautiful way to kill your arteries...(blissful sigh)

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    shark... tastes like chicken....if it were a fish... and a big one at that... that could eat you....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    your fish looks alot like basa not shark. also known as striped pangasius, a vietnamese catfish usually imported frozen. all the shark sold in my area (texas)comes in big loins regardless of species, and is cut in to steaks. always ask your fishmonger for more details on the fish you purchase. your recipie looks delicious by the going to try it with mahi mahi ( the best fish for tacos in my opinion). great ible!

    3 replies
    ian bernalandybear77

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It´s because they are small sharks, in Mexico they are called "cazon" and range in weight around 12 kg to 20 kg for big ones, they get the fins cut almost exclusively for chinese restaurants and the meat is cut in fillets. It is really popular as is a nice firm meat and has no spines in it. That´s why it look like small fish.