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Introduction: Shark Tooth

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Couldn't find a decent tutorial on how to make one...So I made one.

- Air-Dry clay.

- Blow dryer*

- Gloss paint/enamel*

- Wax paper*

- shark tooth picture*

- Awesome modeling skills.

* = Optional

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Step 1: Sticky Fingers

Step 1 :

Grab a lump of clay (depends on size of tooth you want) and mold it the best you can into the shape of sharks tooth (a picture can be used as reference).

Step 2: Dragon Breath

Step 2:

once your satisfied with a shape move your tooth to a safe surface to Blow dry (Blow dryer is optional, its for people with no me) if you don't have a Blow dryer you can let it Air-dry then continue with this instructable.

Step 3: Well Oiled Machine

OPTIONAL = IF you want you can spray paint the tooth with gloss enamel on a wax paper.

Afterwards you can let it AIR-DRY (don't Blow-dry) and you've got yourself a shark tooth paper-weight.

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