Shark Fin for Shark Week!




Introduction: Shark Fin for Shark Week!

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I am going to teach you to make a shark fin for your car for any occasion almost entierly of junk!

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need a sheet of styrofoam that can be salvaged from the inside of a boogie board, clippers, a sander, some wood, a box cutter, saw, spray paint, and some metal rods that can be salvaged from mosquito repellant candles.

Step 2: Begin Shaping

draw the shape of the fin with sharpie, make a cut line using the box cutter, cut out your styrofoam to the desired curved triangle shape using the saw, and sand the edges.

Step 3: Build the Mount

Use a piece of wood and attatch two metal poles the stronger and thinner the better. and put them into the shark fin. Then glue the poles to the wood and slip into the roof rack of your car. Its important that you have a roof rack.

Step 4: Paint the Fin

Two spray paint colors should be used. We used a gray and a black. Paint light to dark in whatever way you choose. Also feel free to add waves on the sides or customize it in your creative way. 

Step 5: Mount and Drive!

Attatch to your roof rack once again and hold down using rope to prevent it from getting loose and falling of your car. Also avoid short clearances! Depending on the height of your vehicle and the height of the fin a bride or tunnel could easily take out your fin. As our truck is about 6 feet from road to roof and the fin is about 2 feet, a 7 foot clearance would easily take the fin out. Drive responsibly and have a great shark week!!!

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