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The Future of TV is here folks! Sharp Pencil Quality TV!

Here's my papercraft TV set with a film strip of selected frames from a movie. The strip is wrapped arround two pencils. As you turn the pencils film scrolls over the screen. You need to download DIY kit I made from my web site link. They are actualy just PDF files containing the box fold out and a film strip. All you need is to print it, cut it and assemble it. You'll need two pencils (chopsticks might do also) and some glue.

I have done versions for three movies so far. Kill Bill vol. 1, Dirty Harry and Dr. Strangelove.

Sharp Pencil Quality TV

Step 1: Download and Print

Go here and get the PDFs I have made for you or download a template and customize it your self.

Print it. Use thicker glossy paper for the first page (TV set box) and thiner normal paper for the film strip.

Step 2: Cut!

Cut along the full lines, bend on dashed ones. You might use a sharp knife to slightly scratch the paper along the dashed lines so it would bend more easily. Be carefull not to cut it all the way through.

Step 3: Glue!

Apply some glue to the white flaps. Not too much! Don't get your fingers sticky.

Step 4: Assembling the Box

Assemble the top part of the box first. Bend flaps inside. Do not stick the bottom of the box yet.

Step 5: Film Strip

Sut the parts of the film strip. Sharp Pencil Quality TV even let's you make your own edits. Cut, splice and insert any subliminal messages you might want to impose upon yourself.

Step 6: Glue Again

Glue the film strip togather.

Step 7: Stick and Roll

Now for the tricky part.

Glue each end of the film strip to a pencil. It should be at about middle of the lenght of the pencil. Next you need to roll the film to pencils. You should roll it about equaly on each pencil. You might use a rubber band to help you hold the whole thing togather while you roll.

Step 8: Insert

Some tricky stuff again.

You should insert the film in to the box you made. Flaps must go behind the film strip, between the visible part of the strip and the rolls. Flaps will hold the film pressed to the "screen".

Step 9: Ta-daaa!

Stick the bottom of the box. Enjoy!



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    I like your project much better the one one I made in school

    I made this project in school in elementary school about 30 years ago

    Can you please do more versions? And can you make more child appropriate versions, like Phineas and Ferb or something?

    1 reply

    This is a wonderful instructable by the way. And how about a Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris movie version? That would be awesome!

    Thank you! My brother is all about it. Also if you have some tips about decorating it, or putting touches on it, please post it. I want to decorate it when my brother is finished. Also any tips for my brother will be welcomed my brother and I share an account.

    This is such a cool idea!! Do you know if there's a place to find any other movies to put on it? Yes, I'm lazy....

    Hey! I made one like this when i was in school. but was not a TV, but a game.
    The differences are, that the strip was a continuous drawn river with obstacles, and in one side it includes a steer wheel that moves a little boat in the screen.
    Of course, my version has pencils on sides, so the river moves vertically.
    Nice remember...

    1 reply

    StaneStane- the film just seems to be individual pics instead of slight variations of a photo like real film. does it actually look like TV? post a vid!

    2 replies