Sharpen a Knife




Introduction: Sharpen a Knife

i will show you how to sharpen a knife to a razor edge and i only requires a real piece of leather (which you can get from a shoe shop just ask for scraps and they will usaly give it to you for free)a sharping stone and some time

Step 1: Wet the Stone

first take your sharping stone and spit on it and spread the spit all over the stone so there is a thin layer of spit or you can use olive oil just aply a very thin layer this is acualy better to do if you use olive oil. this is so when you sharpen the knife the shavings of metal will not plug up the stone which will ruin your chances of sharpinging it.

Step 2: Start Sharping

now that the stone is wet you take the stone and put it on a flat surface and take your knife and put it on the stone and imagin your self shaving a piece of the stone but do not aply to much presure and then do it on the other side do it a couple times and make shure you sharpen it evenly on each side usaly three on each side and do that about three times then two on each side two times then once on each side about three times and then check the sharpness by taking your nail and move it down the side of the blade and if it is smooth then it is perfict but if it has a lip on it then sharpen that side then re check the sharpness

Step 3: Now to Use the Slip Strop

now take your piece of leather and lay it on a flat surface and drag the blade from one side to the other backwards three times on each side about four times then two on each side four times and then once on each side about seven to ten times then take the piece of leather and fold it over and stroke it over the blade downward just like i have done in the third picture then check the sharpness the same way as you did befor and thats it.



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    You can get oilstones at a sporting goods store, at Woodcraft, Walmart, etc. If you need bigger ones, such as 8" by 3", has a great selection. There's also Amazon.

    There are different types of whetstones. Oil stones and water stones you should not use water on an oil stone nor oil on a water stone. The best way is not use any stone but use sandpaper and a piece of glass starting with 100 grit and working up to 800 or 1200 grit . The glass remains perfectly flat and you do not have to worry about loading an expensive stone just replace the sandpaper.

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    I like to use diamond sharpeners like the ones made by DMT. They work very well and fast. Sand paper works great too but i just prefer diamond. : )

    sandpaper chips the blade and eventually reduces the temper.

    How would I know if my stone was an oil stone or a water stone? And if I do as you say and use sandpaper and a piece of glass, what is the glass for? Also, for using whetstones and sandpaper and grinding wheels and anything like this in general, I'm not entirely sure on which direction you drag the blade. The sharp edge faces in the direction you move it? Or does it trail behind? Thanks very much for the guide and advice.

    45 years of knife sharpening is to use a GLASS DR. Pepper bottle for finishing. NO OTHER GLASS OR PLASTIC WILL WORK!. Hold the bottle by the neck, and strop knife away form you. Repeat as often as necessary. This will harden the edge and give excellent retention of the edge. It also smooths the edge. Even if you have to buy the bottle, it's worth it.

    were in the world did you get such an awesome knife??? i would really, really like to get one like that

    Whats the point of the leather for the knife, Ive always wondered that, but this is great, Im going to use it on the fake samurai swords they sell in china town for like $30 and get them nice and sharp.

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    The fake samurai swords more than likely wont sharpen. They are made from cheap cast steel (stainless?) which won't hold an edge. They really werent ever designed to be sharp or tools, mostly just decoration.

    It is called stainless steel. Also, I have a Fury 60080 el cheapo fake military knife made of stainless steel and I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not it will hold an edge. A simple yes or no would be extremely helpful.

    Ive actually sharpened one in the past. They are made of stainless steel but I was able to sharpen it enough so that it could cut through a 2 inch thick branch on a tree. The handle was wooden though so after a while it cracked. I'm going to buy another one with a metal handle.

    the hilt, man! it's called the hilt! Furthermore, i'd be very surprised if something costing only $30 could hold an edge. The soft steel they're made from sharpens well but when it comes to using time, it can't take it. Personally, i wouldn't sharpen my cheap swords, but keep the crude edge they came with for a bit more permanence

    i got a cheap stainless-steel knife from the flea market for $2 and it holds a really nice edge. I was going to harden it with my forge but I'm guessing the handle is made from a lead alloy or something, because the knife has a cast tang and is not magnetic. Also, i polish the butt of the knife and it gets shiny, but it dulls to a gray fairly quickly, a characteristic of lead.