Sharpening Scissors

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Dull scissors. Annoying when you can only cut paper with them. And it more rips then cuts. Commercial scissor sharpeners are expensive and sometimes are hard to use. In this instructable, I will tell you how to sharpen scissors with using stuff you will have in the kitchen.

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Step 1: Prepping the Tin Foil

To sharpen your scissors, first get a piece of tin/aluminum foil and fold it up into fourths to make a rectangle that has multiple layers.

Step 2: The Sharpening Process

The process is really quite simple. Make as many cuts as possible along the edges of the foil. The more the better! Do this over a trash can. Try cutting paper or cardboard. If it is still dull, repeat this process until satisfied.

Step 3: Sharp Scissors

Now you have sharp scissors that cut clean. Even better, you don't have to buy anything or take a long time sharpening it!

I hope you will be finding this hack useful.

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    1 year ago

    Nice posting and work. Sadly this sharpening process is a myth. If this worked the action of cutting would sharpen scissors and using a knife on foil would sharpen it. The edge of a sharpened object has fine teeth. The action of cutting foil pushes and dulls these fine teeth. It's why there are sharpening stones and machines sold costing a lot more money then AL foil. Nice work, though anyone using this will further dull their scissors.