Sharpie Holder

As I used sharpies to organize my days on my desk calendar I found it annoying to have such a large and unwieldy box for them around. So, I decided to make something that would allow ease of access to the sharpies as well as condense them into a closer place. I realize in my pictures the sharpies are all randomly placed but they could be organized by color as well.

Things you will need:

3D Printer

Printer filament

.stl file of the product

CAD program (if you aren't taking the only provided)

sharpies, pens, or pencils to fill the finished print

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Step 1: Creating the Holder

First you have to create the product. I used Inventor by AutoDesk to create the 3D render and .stl file for my holder using many various extrusions.

Attached is the .stl file as well as the technical drawing for my sharpie holder.

Step 2: Printing, Cleaning Up, and Filling

After you print with the .stl file you have it may come out with supports of filament made to aid in the printing process. Remove these and you will have a flat almost smooth surface. At this time if you are looking for a more glossed finish you can use acetone fumes to smooth out the outer plastic, but I didn't find a need to do this.

Once you have it out you can fill it with, in my case, sharpies and you are done!

Thanks for viewing this!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    how expensive is printer filiment? this looks like it would use quite a bit to make something this size.

    as a woodworker I know I can make this with .50 cents worth of materials in approx 10 mins plus a few extra for painting. I love 3d printing and I am gonna get one for fun projects but I know cheap ones are slow and even great ones not fast and the PLA seems kinda pricy. I know they can produce detail and shapes I cannot easily produce with woodworking but many popular made items are not complex.

    I bet you spent longer on the computer than it would take to build it outright with wood.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    This is ABS filament which is like $30 for a roll. There is no way this would've cost more than $2. Also, this took no time at all to create in my opinion, probably roughly 20 minutes. That is longer than what you are saying but I'd still like to see you make something tiered like this in 10 minutes. Then it just had to print, which yes took a while. I enjoy the 3D printing more mainly because I am not the most adequate woodworker.


    3 years ago

    I keep all my sharpies in an old tin can, but this looks much more classy! :)