#Sharpify Your Old Keyboard

I wanted to redesign an old keyboard that I had but I couldn't find any instructions, other than steampunk, but I didn't want to do that so I decided to make it myself.

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Step 1: Remove the Keys

Remove the keys from the board by using a screwdriver or a pocketknife. Put the edge under the key, and pop it out.

Step 2: Clean the Board

Clean the board by using Q-Tips, Dust Remover (Can), and Windex on a soft pad to wipe in between and around parts of the keyboard.

Step 3: Clean the Keys

Clean the keys by taking all of them and putting them into a bowl with Windex and water. After swishing a few times, take keys out and dry with a towel.

Step 4: Color the Board and Keys

Color the board and keys by using Sharpies or markers. Color in as much as you would like and make your own patterns to personalize it!

Step 5: Snap the Keys Back, and DONE!

Snap all the keys back in place and in the right direction. Now you can see what it looks like! You did it, Hooray!

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