Shave Like a Man for $2!

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No man can deny the awesome results that one can only achieve when using a straight razor. Not to mention the great manliness of it. Here, I provide you all with a simple, cheap way to dip your feet into this amazing art.
Disclaimer: This blade is very sharp and you can and probably will cut yourself with it for the first few times. I am in no way responsible for your scarred-up face.

Step 1: Find Your Store

Any dollar store is sufficient. Here in Canada, we have Dollarama.

Step 2: Find Your "Razor"

I know this is not technically a real straight razor, but I know from experience that it will work. Make sure it is the kind where you can extend the blade, rather than the ones where only the tip can show,

Step 3: Extend the Blade to Desired Length

Step 4: Be a Man!

This razor may not work as well as the $200 overpriced ones, but it is a nice, sharp blade that can be replaced easily (I bought 10 extra blades for $1.25) I hope that every man will be able to realize the awesome feeling that one can only achieve with a straight razor. Thank you my friends.

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    3 years ago

    i use straight razor to mnage my beard


    3 years ago

    Personally I think it is most manly to NOT shave and grow your beard out. Just saying.

    1 reply