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Explaining coconut is quite difficult job. It is multipurpose, multi functional tree. we can easily use roots to leaf for our day today requirement.

In this project i am going to use some coconut shell and coir to make a complete shaving kit.

same shaving kit you can make with yellow bamboo, as they have good natural curve required for razor.

Making of this quite easy but to use this kit you must be very professional or experienced person. so be careful.

I spend my two days to make it, If you don't have time then you can make your razor in a minute.

have a look

and if you want to husk coconut, take a look at this

Step 1: Material Require

  • Coconut shells
  • coconut coir
  • hacksaw
  • bench vice
  • angle grinder (hand grinder)
  • smooth and rough files
  • polish paper
  • M6 bolt with nut
  • Razor blade

Step 2: Razor Making

  • cut appropriate coconut shell with reference to razor blade dimension.
  • chose two strip with good curve.
  • Cut head of M6 bolt
  • Make groove in strips to accommodate bolt.
  • glue them with epoxy resin or super glue.
  • with help of grinder finish it in curvy design.

Step 3: Making Shaving Brush

  • Take some strips(I have used 5 strips) and make their edges smooth.
  • find something for center, small rock or rough pebble.
  • temporary fix all strips(5) around small rock.
  • Fill some epoxy glue in it, and be sure epoxy will cover all edges.
  • Select appropriate coir, coir in middle portion are always have smooth threads. (refer pic no.5)
  • make a bunch of selected coir
  • fill some epoxy resin in our strips and gently press coir bunch over it.
  • to lock coir make a small ring from other shell which will fit over strips.
  • Install ring and trim excess coir thread.

Step 4: Assembly

This is three part razor.

  • Drill M% hole in two plates.
  • first install small plate over bolt.
  • Install razor blade.
  • then add locking plate and lock with nut.

while tightening nut take precaution and don't apply excess force. also don't keep it loose.

third pic showing trial result. I try on my thigh, result are good. as it is effectively working.

Step 5: Storage Container

After making total kit, I decided to make small container for kit.

  • Take a two same coconut shell.
  • measure and cut a shell ring from other shell.
  • polish ring and cut as per require size .
  • install this ring in a one coconut shell,( use some epoxy glue)

Step 6: Safety and Precautions

Using safety razor require some experience and steady hands. don't try it without proper guidance.

Even experience person get cut while shaving. and using homemade razor make it more dangerous.

Please do not consider of making this project if you don't know how to shave.

thank you for reading :)

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