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I am a recent college graduate, so in my senior year I found myself having to shave daily for job interviews and events. The only problem was I have super sensitive skin, and shaving always irritated my face. So I combined a few methods and found a cheap and quick method to shave with little to no irritation.

Shaving with all natural products...
I will try and tell you what to use and why you should be using it.

This is the best, cheapest, fastest, all natural way to shave.

Step 1: Toolery and Product

What you need:

-Razor that you are comfortable with
-Shaving Brush
-Jojoba oil
-Mild face soap
-Shaving cream

-Rubbing alcohol
-Shaving bowl

Step 2: Face Prep

In the shower or at your sink, wash your face with warm-hot water and mild face soap, the hottest you feel comfortable. The heat opens pores and loosens skin which is beneficial to prevent cuts and ingrown hairs. Do not dry your face.

Step 3: Enter Pre-shave Oil

The most important and most over looked step!!!
Liberally apply the jojoba oil working it into your facial hair. This is pre-shave oil that will help the razor glide across your skin and give a layer of protection on your face. Jojoba oil is typically used as an organic moisturizer and the key ingredient in some ingrown hair topical treatment products.

Amount of jojoba oil should range from quarter to half-dollar size in your hand.US$

Step 4: Lathering Up

Heat your shaving brush up with hot water and bowl if you have one. Apply the amount of shaving cream needed to the brush and work it into you facial hairs. If you have a bowl, lather the shaving cream in the bowl then apply to face. The last strokes of the brush to your face should be against the grain of your facial hairs, so then they lift and pull away from your face.

The importance of the brush: it lifts hairs making them easy to chop down and prevents ingrown hairs, less passes of the razor means less irritation too.

Shaving cream: this stays on your face for the longest time and manufacturers can load it full of all types of chemicals and fragrances, do your research and get all natural products. I use the art of shavings lavender shaving cream.

Amount of shaving cream: half the size of a gumball for the stuff I use.

Benefits of a bowl: It keeps the shaving cream warm for longer, after your first pass shaving the lather should still be warm for the touch ups. A bowl is also good if you want to use a shaving soap instead of cream.

Step 5: Shaving With a Light Hand

Use a sharp razor; I replace my blades once a week. The area which you are about to shave pull the skin tight with a facial expression or your hand. Shave with the grain of your facial hair with the lightest of pressure. A heavy hand is what I found to be the leading cause of irritation, besides using bad products.

Do one stroke, then clean your razor with hot water, repeat till done. This is important so don't be lazy.

Step 6: Finish Line

Cold, frigid water rinse will close up your pores and make your face tight and beautiful. It will soothe and reduce any irritation. Don't dry your face. Gently work a few drops of jojoba oil into the area that was shaven. This rehydrates your skin and is also a preventative measure against ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Don't dry your face, I've always found towels to leave lint on my face and ultimately cause irritation. Just let your face air dry.

Clean your kit with hot water and dry your razor, use rubbing alcohol to keep the blades cleaner and sharper longer.

Now feel beautiful.



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    9 Discussions

    I'm a fan of everything you got there except the catridge razor. Why not switch over to s DE?

    Check my instructable at :


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job. Would you not want to use shaving-soap with the brush?
    (Do click the "Related" Fire Shaving instructable if you haven't already)


    5 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    How do you find it as compared to foam (I use water, alone. And I wouldn't say it's the best, but it's OK for me)



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i suggest you at least pick up the bowl brush and soap he has in the image i have the exact same one bowls nice the brush could be better quallity but for 20 dollars what can you expect? but it becomes more of a hobby then a chore i suggest going to badger and blade for some in depth information on lathering with a brush and a puck of soap i suggest looking on amazon or somewhere similar for the van der hagen shave set its only 12 dollars plus shipping its a good buy if u dont like it and rather stick with shaving with the can creams and the soap that comes with it isnt the best but it is a good starter i started with i hope this information helps you towards a better shave or more information in general


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    the art of shaving has the same ingredients in the soaps that are in the creams, I've also seen the shaving soaps in drug stores. From what I understand the soaps are equally as good as creams it is just an extra step to hydrate and lather the soap in a bowl. But shaving cream and shaving soap is needed when shaving, it cleans your face, preps the hairs to make shaving easier, helps to keep your razor clean while shaving, and furthermore reduces irritation tramenously. Its the cat's pajamas.

    i shave with a straight razor and lavender soap, and then some aloe afterward. i personally think that cr@p in a can is useless, and the only times i have cut myself shaving is with those disposable razors, never my straight razor. pretty funny huh? and plus there is no waste! no empty cans, no dull razors to throw out.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I might make a few suggestions. First, ditch the cartridge razor and invest in a good double edge razor, it's pretty easy to find a vintage Gillette Superspeed in decent condition. Load it up with a quality blade and go to town! For those curious to know more about wet shaving, I recommend checking out and those forums are full of guys who know a thing or two about quality shaves.