She Calls It a Creepy Doll. I Say It's Cute!




My daughter (of hardly 9 years) "creepy doll" halloween costume. The inspiration of this costume was mainly to practice doll makeup, and a very last minute Halloween party invite. With very limited time, and resources, this one was really quite easy, and best of all, fast. The only preparations besides picking out an outfit was just to do the makeup. Paint the face in as pale of a color as you can find with foundation or Halloween makeup, get really crazy with some black liquid liner or even a fine tipped marker, eyeliner can work too. Draw on fake bottom lashes below the actual lash line. Paint in eyebrows with whatever works, eyeshadow or eyebrow color,  now use some really ridiculously pink blush or other tacky color you can find ( quite easy since its seemingly trendy), matching lipstick ; painted only in the middle of the actual lips, painted in the shape of a heart and start above lip line to make it more dramatic.  Take same lip color and paint two lines down the chin to look like a fake chin. Fix eyelashes with a bit of mascara for top lashes only and that's it. If you're feeling super inspired, check out doll makeup how to's (tutorials) on YouTube. 



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    The cloud 1808

    2 years ago

    that's not creepy or scary at all... Sorry