Sheaffer Targa Rollerball Refill Hack



I have an old Sheaffer Targa matte black rollerball pen that I really like. I got it at an estate sale. It came with an old dried out refill. When I looked for replacements, I was not happy with the cost or color choices. So I decided to do some modifications to the pen barrel....

Step 1: Messy But Worth It

Using a dental pick, I scraped down into the barrel, removing the hard plastic ridge around the inside at the bottom. Then I carefully scraped and pulled until the small spring popped out. After more scraping, I was able to fully insert my preferred refill.

Step 2: Success!

After removing the extra plastic and the spring, I was able to screw the top all the way down.

Step 3: Schmidt Refills

Schmidt safety ceramic roller refills 5888 M - they come in a rainbow of colors and are very smooth.



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    3 months ago

    It's important to get the writing quality you want! Nice pen hack!