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I have been pondering the idea of making a sheath for a while now. I haven't quite grasped the sword frog, and in real life, technically a sword frog is useless without a sheath anyway. This is the result of what happened when I messed around trying to make a sheath for my ninjato. It's not perfect; and I know, it's a back sheath, and you can't use back sheaths with full length swords. Nonetheless, here it is.


1) Duct tape
2) A thin foam sheet

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Good question! The issue with back sheaths is kind of hard to describe, so here's a diagram. The guy on the right is demonstrating how people usually THINK a sword is drawn from a back sheath. The left guy is demonstrating what actually happens if you try to draw a sword in this way.

    What's happening on the right is what you see in movies. As the sword is drawn, the tip is curving out and up. In real life, you would have to cut through your sheath in order to accomplish this. I actually made a back sheath that's missing its uppermost side, so that there's no sheath to cut through and the sword can be drawn with ease. The blade is fastened into the sheath with leather straps that come undone when I draw the sword.

    The guy on the left is demonstrating what actually happens when you try to draw a full length sword from your back. Unless the blade is shorter than your arm, you aren't going to be able to extend your arm far enough to completely remove the blade from the sheath. Even if you do succeed in removing the blade, your hand and arm would be at such a weak angle that if you didn't drop the sword into your back, someone else would probably get to you before you could get your weapon into a better position.

    back sheath explanation.jpg

    Nice i'bles. I see you do some sword fighting. Do you practice any martial arts?
    Also I say it again: nice i'bles. You're creative. Good job!Keep posting ibles please!

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    Sadi789Serbian Ninja

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I used to be taking karate lessons but I stopped years ago. Nowadays I LARP and I also do a lot of stage fighting.
    I will keep posting! Eventually. I'll get back to posting more once the semester is over. I'm hoping to finally post an i'ble that shows how to MAKE the swords (I have one but it's outdated).

    Serbian NinjaSadi789

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Good news! Also the single thing I don't like about your swords aren't very strong. Actually they are very beautiful. You should also try to make a Chinese Jian.
    The sword with a tutorial is the Frankenstein, I guess.