Shed Door - How to Measure Make and Install Shed Doors



Landscaping my backyard since 2003.

When your shed doors don't close properly, is time to replace them.

But how to measure make and install new light plywood shed door?

This instructable show a simple way to make it.


►1: Installing the door frame

►2: Measuring and used materials

►3: Cutting plywood door panel

►4: Making the door

►5: Installing the shed door

Detailed step by step guide

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Step 1: Measuring and Cutting the Shed Door

For a light shed door using a plywood panel.

Mark panel with a carpenter pen.

Detailed step by step guide

Step 2: Assembling Door Shed

Put down the rails on the panel and fix them as door frame.

Detailed pictures.

Step 3: Installing Shed Doors and Hardware

Attaching the to your backyard shed with hinges.

Detailed pictures.

Voir les instructions en français (for french instructions): Fabriquer et installer une porte d'abri de jardin.

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