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Introduction: Sheep Heart Key Ring

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I made this key ring for a friend, but I think it could also be a nice valentines gift. It's very simple to make it and doesn't take much time. All you need is:
  • Cardboard
  • Brown yarn
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Pink Felt
  • Metal ring for key rings
  • Watercolor
  • Black stripe of synthetic fabric 
  • Hot glue gun

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Step 1: Body & Legs

First, I drew a picture of the key ring I imagined. Then, I cut the body of the sheep out of cardboard. After that, I poked two holes into the body for the legs of the sheep. The pipe cleaners will later be pushed through these holes. Make sure the pipe cleaners are long enough, you can still cut them later.

Step 2: "Skin" and Wool

Now I painted the cardboard body with a mixture of white and brown. Afterwards, I put a little droplet of glue in the space the pipe cleaners and the cardboard body. Next, I put a looot of hot glue onto the body and started to wrap the yarn around it. When the whole body was covered, I tied the end to one of the yarn threads (image 4 in this step).

Step 3: Fixing the Metal Ring Onto the Sheep

Next, I attached the synthetic fabric stripe (I really don't know how to call that thing) onto the ring by sewing. Therefore, I sewed one line close to the ring. Then I put the black stripe with the ring onto the sheep and sewed it onto it. I just sewed through all layers, the machine did not really like it, but it worked. :).

After that, I put another layer of hot glue onto the body to cover the black stripe with another layer of yarn.

Step 4: The Sheep Head

Now I painted a face onto the head of the sheep. Next, I made the "wig" for the sheep. I took a longer piece of yarn and knotted it randomly together. Then, I glued it onto the head.

Step 5: Finalizing It!

Now I cut out two hearts of pink felt and glued it onto the body with hot glue and bent the legs so they appear to have feet too. Almost done... Now I attached a little tail out of pipe cleaners and ... done!

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11 months ago

Best creation ever!!!! I am going to follow you!!! I will be your groupie if you want me too!!!!


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thank you! I'm actually not too happy how the hair on the head of the sheep turned out. It really looks like a wig :).


Reply 11 months ago

I like that it looks like that. it's got a kind of cute little kid feeling to it. It's the perfect gift! :)


Question 11 months ago

Has any one tried to make a monkey fist before, and if so, could you please send me an easier link than what is on here? thanks, also this is a really cute sheep! :P


7 years ago on Introduction

Cute! Don't worry about the wig - most unshorn sheep tend to look like your character :) (at least in South Africa they do!). Well timed for Valentines indeed.