Sheet Metal Box

i made a sheet metal box in class it is really simple mostly all you will need is a piece of metal the layout some shears,a hammer a spot welder, a sheet medal machine, and a sand blaster or sand paper.the struggles you will have mostly with this project is trying to make the folds line up to spot weld. but any ways lets get started.

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Step 1: Make the Layout on the Sheet of Metal

Step 2: Cut the Layout Out on the Metal

Step 3: Bend Hems on the Metal With a Hammer Like Shown

Step 4: Next Bend the Side Hems With the Bender

Step 5: Do Step 4 But With the Front and Back Pieces

Step 6: Next Sand Blast the Box to Make All the Rust Go Away

Step 7: After You Sand Blast Then You Spot Weld the Box on the Corner. Set the Spot Welder to 1.5 Seconds

Step 8: After You Spot Weld Then You Should Have a Completed Box

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    1 year ago

    Very cool. These techniques could be used to make a variety of neat things with sheet metal. Nicely done.