Sheet Metal Roller




This sheet metal roller was made from materials that were on hand. I used a 3" pipe as it looked about the right diameter for most curves. The follower bar is a length of 1" pipe, the bar clamp on the rear is 1 X 3/8" bar as are the feet and the follower arm linkage. The pivots for the follower bar are short lengths of pipe that fit together, in this case 1" and 1 1/4" I believe. You can use anything that fits together and gives you a snug pivoting action.

It is designed for clamping on a table in use. The sheet material is clamped in the rear bar clamp and the follower is brought over the material and around the main body to complete the curve. If your material is really heavy, you can add an extension to that stub handle that is shown welded to the follower bar. The end, and foot (last photo) can both be disassembled to remove your work, if need be. Nothing gets trapped.

This tool is for making uniform smooth bends (curves) in sheet metal when making machinery belt covers, making patch pieces for body work, patching your muffler, etc, etc. The projects are nearly unlimited.

Step 1: Picture of Assembly

This photo shows how it can taken apart to release any work that won't just slide out otherwise.

Step 2: Photo of Disassembled Parts

Shows the follower bar parts and a close up view of the end pivot and clamp bar.

Step 3: Bend Your Metal

These photos show the steps to bend sheet metal. The metal is slipped behind the clamp bar, tightened and the follower bar rotates around the main body (3" pipe) making the bend. And there you have it.... a nice uniform, smooth, wrinkle free curve for your next project.........sure beats that "kinked" bend you get trying to bend a curve on the edge of a worktable.



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    BeaglesDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 4 months ago

    The last picture shows the disassembly process. The thumbscrew on the left is loosened, the two bolts holding the foot on, are removed, and the bolt holding the clamp bar (on the far right) is taken out, and everything comes apart. Any work that could not otherwise be removed can now be easily slid off the end of the pipe and out safely. To answer your question "do I have a picture showing just a pile of parts?".....the answer is no. I used pictures that were already on file and that one was not one of them. I'll try to do that in the very near future, if that will clarify the construction.


    Reply 4 months ago

    Steps 2 and 3 with photos have been added. The new photos should explain the use of this bender fully. And no, I do not have a video, or have the facilities to make one. But, thanks for asking, it is something to look at in the future.


    4 months ago

    A video would awesome... I’m not quite grasping how it works from the pictures. Looks well constructed and easy to build. Any chance you could link a video explaining how to use it? Thanks!