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This project only requires paper--yep, that's right! No more dealing with saws and wood just to make a simple photo frame. Only taking up 10 minutes of your time to create, this elegant picture frame will look lovely on the walls of your house! Because it is so easy to make, why not make a whole set of frames for a friend? Sheet music decor will give a cool vibe to their house!

  • 8 Sheets of Sheet Music (It doesn't have to be your favorite! Print some out from google images!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • tape
  • 5 inches by 7 inches photo
  • pencil

Step 1: Roll Up the Paper!

Peel a sheet of sheet music off of your stack. Place it face down on your workspace, and position your pencil in the bottom corner. Tightly roll the paper up, removing your pencil once it gets almost completely concealed. Continue rolling until a small flap of paper remains. Tape it up, set the paper tube aside, and reach for yet another sheet of music.

Continue until all 8 sheets have been rolled into tight, sturdy tubes. I highly recommend listening to some upbeat music while rolling--it really helps get the job done faster!

Step 2: Hot Glue the Tubes

Next, hot glue two of the tubes together. Make sure they are stuck well and the glue has dried before moving onto another pair. There should be four pairs in all.

Step 3: Picture Perfect!

Choose a 5 inches by 7 inches picture. You can either print one out on photo paper or just use a regular paper printer. I used a paper printer; if you do too, cut out the photo neatly with no white edges showing.

Now squeeze out some hot glue across 5 inches of the bottom, middle of a tube pair. Place your photo face down on the tube, the top edge sticking to the hot glue. Do the same for the bottom tube pair, gluing the bottom edge of the photo to it. You should now have what looks like a scroll.

Step 4: Glue the Side Frames

Turn the frame so that the picture is facing upward. Hot glue the other two tube pairs to either side of the frame. Let the hot glue cool.

Step 5: You're Done!

You have finished your Sheet Music Picture Frame! Hang it up by taking advantage of the top ledge created by the top tube on the back of the frame. Give yours to a friend or keep it for your own decorating purposes! :)

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