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This project I will make a Bluetooth speaker. The concept is to make something that can be able to play and can be decorated at the same time (RUN, LIGHT, and SOUND.) So I decided to use the radio control car toy, so I selected 2012- 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby from Rastar. Ford Mustang is my favorite car of all time. I also collected Ford Mustang 1/18 die cast also. This project is to redesign the RC car and add the LED light and Bluetooth speaker. To make it look different, I use the bronze as the main color and add the black and red stripes and the interior of the car is red and black, silver trims. It’s fast and easy to do for the Ford Mustang lover. Let’s begin.

Dimension: The RC Mustang Shelby is 1/14

Width 15 X Length 35 X Height 10 Centimeters

Supplies that you need to do the “Shelby Speaker” project.

1. Rastar Ford Mustang Shelby (Or other models that you like).

2. Bluetooth speaker (Small. So it fit inside the car).

3. LED light (red 18 LED, yellow 2 LED) and resister 330 Ohm (For each LED light).

4. Spray paints (Bronze, black, red, plastic primer, and clear lacquer spray.

5. Masking tape, two sided tape, all purpose glue, and hot glue.

Step 1: Disassembly and Paint the CAR

First disassembly the Shelby model, and make sure that keep all parts into group. It will be easy when you assembly back later. After I clean all the pieces that need to spray paint, the body of the car and the interior panel, seats, and others. Next I use the masking tape taped of the strips on the car’s body and front bumper, then I spray plastic primer on the car’s body and front bumper, 2-3 coated. Then spray bronze for the 1st coat, I spayed not too much, just covered the car and wait until it dry. In order, to cover the original red paint on the car, I spray 5-6 coated. Make sure not spray too close to the car, the color will be too thick in some area, and the original paint will appeared. Next I taped off the black color that original color (That the area that I want, to make the piece look better, or you can design and color that you want) on the seats and interior. Then I spray plastic primer 1-2 coated, next I spray white too cover the black plastic (If you spray red right away, it will take many of red coated, in order for the red to show). I spray red about 3-4 coated after that I use the paint brush to paint silver on the dash and touch up the black and red paint in some area. Now I measure the red stripe (The original color) on the car’ body and put masking tape, in order to spray black paint to make the black strips. For the side mirrors I use the original color. (**Note: all paint need to be retouch and spray clear lacquer)

Step 2: Drill Holes for LED

Now, I drill the holes on the car’s floor panel (The frame), the interior of the cab, inside the wheel arch, the front bumper (Use the drill bit that the same LED’s diameter). After that I try to pre-fit the LED light to the holes. Make sure it tight not too loose. Now I assembly the interior cab together. Then I use the drill bit for the door knob to drill the holes for the speakers on the front and back panels in the cab. Next I glued the speakers to the cab’s panel (Make sure you apply enough glue, because the speaker is a bit heavy.

Step 3: Working on LED

Next, I work on the LED light, I cut off the LED’s light legs and the resister 330 Ohm to make it shorter. Next I use the soldering iron to attach the LED’s leg to the resister. Then I plug the LED light in to the holes. The yellow LED light at the front bumper, I use the glue to attach the LED and use the red LED at the tail light as well. The rest of the red LED light in the middle on the car’s floor. Then I use the soldering to attach all LED light together (Make sure the wire connected right the positive and negative) wired the wires to the switch, which is located at the gear shift lever. I attach the wires to the battery tray. I also drill the small holes for the wires as well. Now tested the LED light make sure all the light works.

Step 4: Work on Bluetooth

Then, I attach the Bluetooth circuit to the back of the magnet by using two sided tape and use soldering iron to wired all wires to the speaker and to the switch and to the battery (The blue box) that will be attach under the back’s seat with two sided tape. The switch will be attached to the rear panel of the car and I glued the Shelby emblem on the switch. The rear panel needs to drill a hole for the switch to go through and glue it in place. Now for the USB charging wire, I need to cut the plastic that attach the muffler and bring the USB wire out. I later attach the USB outlet to the bottom of the car by using two sided tape. I test the Bluetooth and make sure that everything works well.

Step 5: Assembly the Shelby

Now, the last part is to assembly the car back together. Attach the car’s body to the frame very carefully and don’t squished the led light inside. Then I tested everything using all functions (RUN, LIGHT, and SOUND). Thanks.

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    1 year ago

    Very impressive! Great for a car enthusiast ;)

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    1 year ago

    Very nice. That detail painting and lighting make the look so real.